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How to Use the Law of Attraction

According to the Law of Attraction, you can attract a universal force towards yourself as long as you focus your attention to it most of the time.

In its most simple terms, you could get any of your emotions or your thoughts to turn into reality.

This law has been known to man since the beginning of time and a lot of successful and well-known people actually use this principle to their advantage, such as Oprah.

You too can become one of these successful people as long as you know how to use the law of attraction properly. With constant practice, having this principle could help you attract the life that you have always wanted to have.

1) List down the things that you are frustrated about.

The law of attraction encourages one to think about positive things in order to attract it. However, you must also not neglect the negatives of your life which include your frustrations and regrets. If you want to change your negative energy to a positive one, do what you can to change them.

2) List down the positive things in your life.

For each of the negatives that you have identified, find a positive side for it. For example, you may be taking an extremely difficult class but the upside of it is that you learn valuable lessons which you could eventually use on your business or your job.

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3) Stay positive – visualize what you desire in life.

With all the things that you have identified in your life, keep a clear visualization of how you want your life to be in the very near future. A great tip on how to use the law of attraction properly: list down in detail the things that you want in your life and think about how badly you would want to experience them and how it would feel to have these changes in your life.

4) Think and feel your goal, take action, too!

It is clear to everyone: the universe will only help you out if you also help yourself. All these efforts in trying to attract positive energy would be of no use if you do not do anything to get yourself nearer to the goal. In the law of attraction, you have to think and feel your goal and believe in your goal so that you may act things in order to achieve your goal.

5) Be grateful.

Do not reject the blessings that come your way – welcome them with open arms! Be positive even with the smallest positive changes in your life. Do not forget to say “thank you” and appreciate the universe for the positive things that you have been receiving in your life.

A positive life is a good life and because you already know how to use the law of attraction, then you can be assured that it will work every single time. Some things may work slightly different as planned or a little late than what you would have expected but this should not discourage you or you would just attract negativism. Think happy thoughts!

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