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How to be the Master of Your Destiny

If you do not make the choice to be the master of your own destiny then you are handing that control over to either the universe or to another person.

And then when you are not happy it is easy enough to blame everyone else. But here is the catch, really; you are the only one who ultimately has control.

You can choose to give that control away, but it is yours to give away. So, if you are tired of someone else controlling your destiny then let me show you how to be the master of your destiny.

Part of why you don’t want to take the control back is because you are afraid. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles for most people. Fear can make you put your destiny into someone else’s hands, or it can make you not want to act all. But here is all it takes, choose peace over fear. That is it, make the choice.

OK so maybe it not quite that simple, but it is fairly close. The reason you are afraid is because you need to make peace within yourself. And the best way to do that is to take some quiet time, every day, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and quiet your mind.

Among all the thoughts you are having is the peace you are looking for. You need to also quiet down all those thoughts and that will take time and practice.

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Next, accept that the past is gone, so let it go, you can’t change it and tomorrow isn’t here yet. So, you need to focus on the now, be here now and make this moment count. Now is what you can control. Now is what you want to control, because if you control the now, then you are working towards continuing to control your life.

Another important step to take is to use your emotions as creative forces. What you are feeling can and will manifest itself in the physical in some way. So use that, if you are focusing your energy on what you want to control, feel it as it would actually make you feel and that will bring the experience into the here and now.

Along the same lines if you are focusing on something you don’t want you are still giving it power, so anytime you are thinking about something you do not want, replace that thought with what you do want. And I mean every single time until you stop thinking about what you don’t want completely and you only think about what you do want.

If you can master: not being afraid, and find peace, focusing on the here and now, use your emotions to create the feelings you do want, and stop thinking about the things you do not want by replacing those negative feelings and thoughts with the positive feelings and thoughts you do want, you will be the master of your destiny.

Don’t wait one more day, take the control back and become the master of your own destiny.

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