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Have you ever tried to put a 100 piece toy together, without the directions? You know the toy will be very nice once it is put together, but where on earth do you begin and how will you get it together?

Well, the law of attraction kind of works the same way. You have to have the directions so you know how to put all the pieces together to get the end result you want.

If you want to make the laws of attraction work for you, you need the proper tools.

But before you can find out which tools you need, you first must know what it is that you want what you desire. It is easy enough to say I want money, but the more specific you can be the easier it is to attract exactly what you want. For example, you say you want money, but what you may really want is that money to buy a house.

Or you may be stating that you want money, but what you want is the money to buy a car. And the law of attraction may bring a car your way without needing money. Perhaps you could win it, by spending money, and winning a raffle. So, don’t limit yourself, be open to all possibilities and be very clear about what you desire.

Now that you know what you truly desire you can’t just say you want something, imagine having it and then expect it to happen. You need to follow these steps to make the law of attraction work for you today:

redefine your reality

You have to be willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve you goal, and that will require a strong desire and lots of motivation.

To begin you also need self-discipline, persistence, the ability to concentrate and be able to visualize what you want.

It is also important to be aware when an opportunity presents itself and you must be willing to take and use the opportunity.

You cannot wait for your desires to fall into your lap you have to be willing to take the necessary steps.

The law of attraction does not work for everyone because not everyone is willing to make the commitment of mental focus, work, and visualization. You have to make a conscious decision and commit to what it is you want in order for your desires to be fulfilled.

Be aware your desires can manifest themselves in lots of different ways, some of them will be obvious and right there, “in your face”, but sometimes it will be more indirect and require you to take certain steps. For example, in order to make more money to buy the house you want you may have to go back to school to get a different job that pays more money.

If you follow the steps outlined above you can make the laws of attraction work for you today. But you need to be persistent, have self-discipline, be able to visualize what you want, be aware of opportunities when they present themselves, and you must be willing to take the necessary steps.

11 forgotten laws

11 forgotten laws

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Law of Attraction | Manifestation With Law of Attraction:


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Law of Attraction | Manifestation With Law of Attraction