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Learn Conversational Hypnosis

Professionals in many different industries use conversational hypnosis during the interview process.

It is used by sales people and certainly advertisers to attain success and better leads with potential customers. So if you would like to learn conversational hypnosis take a look at the three processes below.

1. Rapport – It is essential to build a feeling of trust and to have a connection with the person you are talking with before you can even think to begin any type of suggestion.

This particular process does not have to be extravagant. Most anything that can “break the ice,” a joke or a sympathetic comment will accomplish your goal.

2. Don’t be critical or judgmental – You have to make sure the subject is comfortable so you can begin to gain access to his or her subconscious you are going to want to begin to introduce phrases such as, “what if” or “can you imagine”. This gets your subject to focus on the possibility of things instead of the logic of things.

3. Use powerful hypnotic commands – Now that the critical mind of your target has been put on the backburner you can now take the next step and explain to your subject the specific steps you want them to take.

The three processes are of course just the skeleton of whole. You will get nowhere without much training and practice, but I think it gives you the basics. The rest comes from not only training and practice but also in creating your own overall style.

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You can learn everything there is to know from books, classes, even coaching and/or training from someone, but if you don’t tailor all of that to fit who you are and to your personality, no one is going buy any of it.

You see you have to feel natural when you execute the three processes. You have to be able to move fluidly through each phase or you have just blown any opportunity you might have had.

So if you want to learn conversational hypnosis you need to learn it, practice it, and live it. And what I mean by live it is to incorporate it into your personality, to make it part of who you are so it flows when you are dealing with a new subject.

Your goal is to engage the subject, be it through verbal conversation or written conversation, in a way that enables him or her to not only see, and hear, but also “taste” the success that they should expect to have by using a certain service or product and truly compels the reader to take action almost immediately.

Think about someone watching a Home Shopping Network show, they will pick up the phone and order something within minutes of a product being aired. Sometimes they will call half way through because they are so compelled by the presentation. They feel so comfortable and at ease with the folks running the program that if they say it is the best product ever then it must be.

To learn conversational hypnosis is to gain an edge over the competition and in the world of sales an edge, even a little one can mean the difference between making the sale and losing the sale.

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