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Learn Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight is not easy, trust me I know. After having a couple kids and eating whatever I wanted I ended up being over 50 pounds overweight. I tried diets, I tried not eating, and I also tried programs.

None of them worked because I was not getting to the root of the problem, which was the habit. I had formed bad eating habits and if I wanted to fix my eating problems then I needed to address that first.

Learning hypnosis for weight loss is one way to break the cycle of bad eating habits.

There really is a lot more to an eating habit then the actual physical act of eating. There is of course also the psychological end of things and that is where really you have to begin to deal with the habit.

It is your brain’s job to take things that repeat themselves and pull them together and streamline them to make room for other more demanding tasks. And habits are formed and as a consequence of repetition and reward.

We all like to be rewarded and even if the reward came from something negative, it is still a pleasant feeling and we want to feel that again. So the feeling is reinforced when we engage in that behavior again. And going back to an old saying, “practice makes perfect,” in this case, “practice make habits”.

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Just having willpower is not enough to change a bad habit because willpower ensures that you will still be thinking about whatever you are trying to stop doing. For example, in dieting you try to stop eating cookies.

You may have enough willpower to not eat the cookies at that moment, but now cookies are on your mind and that is all you are going to think about for the next hour. This is only adding fuel to your problem.

Hypnosis for weight loss will teach you how to remove the thoughts about cookies and replace it with something healthy thus replacing the negative habit with a positive habit which is the ultimate goal.

And part of accomplishing the change in habits it first identifying the trigger. What is tricky about figuring out the trigger is that by now your habit is fully embedded in your mine and is now mostly unconscious.

So, in order to figure out the trigger you have to really pay attention. Pay attention to when you eat double the amount of calories in a day. And one way to do this is to log what you are eating and when you are eating it.

You may realize that you are over-eating every time your mother-in-law comes into town. Or that every day, at the same time, you are eating something you shouldn’t be eating.

By learning hypnosis for weight loss you will be well on your way to changing those bad eating habits. And that is the ultimate goal, not to adjust or alter your bad habits, but to permanently change those habits from negative ones to positive ones, so you can take the weight off and keep it off.

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