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Learn to Use Visualization for Life Improvement

Visualization by definition is a technique involving focusing on positive mental images in order to achieve a particular goal.

Lots of times we are the only ones stopping ourselves from accomplishing our goals. If you don’t believe you can do something, then your body and mind comply and you are unable to complete that particular task.

However, for many tasks you can learn to visualize yourself doing it and then really be able to do it.

Many athletes use this technique when they are preparing for a race, or a game. It is actually a form of “practice”. You put images in your head of running the fastest race or scoring a goal. The images can even help you push yourself. If you normally run a 9 minute mile, imagine yourself running an 8 min. 30 sec. mile. Imagine pushing yourself past your normal threshold.

When I used to teach I was fine in front of my students, 8th graders, but on parent nights, I got a bit nervous. Parents are a much tougher audience, so before I would talk with them I would walk through all the topics I wanted to cover in my head. I would think about all the possible questions and imagine the evening going smoothly.

Another way to use visualization is to think about someone you admire and have them help walk you thru whatever situation you are trying deal with. For example, my friend lost her mom a few years ago, but whenever she is trying to make a big decision in her life, she talks it over with her mom, using visualization.

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She imagines what her mom would say if she was sitting across the table from her, and takes her advice into consideration just like she did when her mom was alive.

People use visualization all the time and just don’t realize that is what they are doing, so they don’t use it to benefit themselves. By learning how to use visualization you can improve your life, making it less stressful, and better.

When you first begin trying to make visualization work for you, you may need to stop what you are doing and allow yourself to relax. You will want to clear your mind and try to bring images into your mind, one at a time.

You will also want to begin by bringing up images that you have already seen before. Until you are more comfortable don’t try to picture things you have never experienced or seen, because you will just get frustrated.

Now that you have all the images in your mind, you can begin to interact with them. If you are prepping for a race you will have the track in your mind, now put yourself on the track and imagine yourself as you run. Then you will want to feel yourself pushing past what you can normally do, telling yourself that you can run faster.

Once you have gotten comfortable with working with images of things you have seen or experienced, try taking it to the next level and try out things you have not seen or experienced.

Learning to use visualization properly can definitely improve your life because it can help you solve problems, push your normal limits and help you focus on what will make your life better, by improving your self-confidence.

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