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Life Lessons They Didn’t Teach You in School

You are told from childhood that the reason school is important is because it will teach you what you need to survive in life.

So you go to school for at least 13 years, just itching to take all that knowledge out into the world so you can apply everything you have been taught and be successful.

However, once you get there, you realize there was plenty they didn’t teach you! And you find yourself wondering why didn’t they teach you that or this in school?

What you finally realize is that school prepared you for your chosen profession, but not for real world issues. Below are some very important life lessons they really should have taught you in school.

Failing is actually a good thing.

We are taught in school not to make mistakes and we always strive for perfection, but in life failing is living life and learning from it.

Many times the success comes after failing, and failing sometimes more than once! The learning comes in when you fail and get back up again, and again.

Take action!

School is very good at giving us a foundation of information work with, it is also good at making us more well-rounded, but what school is not good at is teaching us how to go for it, to take action necessary to succeed. You can know a ton about math, but if you can’t apply it to life, then all it is, is some knowledge. It won’t help you get a job.

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Controlling Emotions

The main focus of school is to teach you how to prepare for whatever profession you chose. School is not there to teach you how to control your emotions, if anything school teaches us to repress our feelings.

You have to focus on the work, not on the fact that your dog died and you are sad and miserable. And in life we have to learn to control, not repress our emotions for if nothing else, for social reasons. You need to be able to leave work at the end of the day and have a good time, or deal with someone yelling at you without punching them.


You can be super smart, make a lot of money and still end up to your eyeballs in debt. School gives us knowledge, but not the know-how of dealing with money. They don’t explain to you that debt can destroy a marriage or how to balance your checkbook so you pay your bills on time. Money is something we all have to be responsible with and very few of us know how.

Different is good

In school we are taught that thinking outside the box is bad. We are taught to follow a particular set of rules or we are ousted. But the reality in real life is you have to stand out to get the job, or think outside the box to invent something new.

School is a great place to get the foundation, but keep in mind, school does not give you all the answers. There are lots of life lessons that they did not teach you in school.

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