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Losing Weight With the Law of Attraction

Ever since the release of the blockbuster hit movie "The Secret," people have been curious about whether or not the law of attraction could help them achieve their life-long challenge of losing weight.

Sure, your thoughts might have a significant impact on your attitude...can you actually change the condition of your physical body?

Believe it or not, the answer is yes...but it's to understand exactly WHY the law of attraction will help you to lose weight and become thin...

How the Law of Attraction Works & Affects Your Body

The thoughts that you think actually determined your experience of the world around you, and they therefore affect whether or not you are overwhelmed by temptations which can cause you to be overweight.

For example, your mind actually has a group of nerves which is known as the "reticular activation system" (RAS) which works to filter out the things in your surroundings according to what is and what is not consistent with the predominating thoughts in your mind.

So if you're always thinking about something (like eating something that you KNOW can make you overweight), your RAS will actually help lead you towards opportunities to buy it or eat it or be tempted by it.

For example, if you're trying to diet and you are only thinking about how you love eating candy bars, but how you "can't" because they'll make you overweight, what do you think will be the first thing you notice when you walk into the store?

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In fact, junk food merchants notice they place their products directly within people's line of sight. If you're curious about how this is done, just go to the grocery store and look at all of the things which are placed on the shelves right before you check out.

And as long as you're always thinking "I really shouldn't eat that, I know it's bad for me..." Your mind will be influenced to create a craving for that particular food.

In hypnosis, this is known as "the law of reverse effect", which states that if there is a conflict between your willpower and your imagination, your willpower will lose every time. Think about what this means when it comes to the law of attraction...

...even if you DON'T want something, if you're always thinking about it, then it's the very thing which is influencing your imagination. So according to the law of reverse effect, this will cause your imagination to overwhelm your willpower and your actions will be influenced by thoughts about what you don't want other than thoughts about what you do want.

And this is how self sabotage causes people to do things that they don't want to do and wonder why they can't stop. So what can you do about this when it comes to losing weight?

What do You Really Want?

As you're thinking about what you just read, are you beginning to realize how important it is to focus on what you really want instead of constantly thinking about what you don't want and what you shouldn't do? Remember, your thoughts have a significant impact over the way that you see the world and over your actions... whether you're thinking about what you do or what you don't want. 

So when it comes to losing weight through the effective use of the law of attraction, the first step you need to take is to write down specifically what you must do to achieve your ideal weight:

For example what kinds of foods do you need to start eating? What kinds of physical activity do you need to start doing more of? What kinds of people do you need to start hanging around and what kinds of educational or encouraging literature do you need to read?

Figure these things out, and start focusing on them so that they become the predominating thoughts in your mind and the very things which influence your perceptions and behaviors.

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