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Love Affirmations for Attracting Your Soul Mate

Using love affirmations is one way to make it easier to find your soul mate. It seems like these days it is just getting harder and harder for people to find and keep romance.

By using affirmations you can attract what you truly desire in your life.

Now what you may not understand is that even though you truly want to find love, your feelings about love deep down may be harboring negativity.

And if that is the case you are actually causing yourself harm. So by using love affirmations to attract your soul mate, you will be able to overcome those negative feelings.

Using the 3 techniques listed below, you can use love affirmations to attract your soul mate.

1. Decide what kind of person you want to attract

You need to decide 2 things be you can get started. First, you must decide on what kind of person do you want and second, you need to decide who you will have to become to attract them.

Make a list of the qualities you are looking for in a person then ask yourself if what you have to offer would make them interested in you. Then decide what you would be willing to change in order to make yourself wanted. This is the beginning of what you will need for your love affirmations to be successful.

2. Create your affirmations

The love affirmations you create need to be positive and they need to have 4 parts. Each one needs to be in first person, each one needs to be present tense, each one should be centered on the qualities you are looking for and very important, each one should also mention the quality you need to build in order to attract someone.

If for example you wanted someone who is ambitious and confident, your affirmation might sound like this:

supreme self confidence

“As an ambitious and confident woman, I comfortably and naturally attract men who are also ambitious and confident, into my life.”

“I attract ambitious men, into my life, because I am an ambitious woman.”

“I am confident, so that attracts men who are also confident, into my life.”

The job of the love affirmation is to teach the subconscious what it is taught and in no time your consciousness will start to become exactly what you affirmed.

3. Practice your love affirmations, daily

In order for your mind to accept the message faster and start making the correct changes to be what you want to be, you need to practice. Say your affirmations often. Try saying them into a mirror so you are also seeing yourself say them. If that is too uncomfortable for you, memorize them and say them throughout the day.

Now that you know the proper way to implement love affirmations into your life you need to move forward and actually implement this knowledge. It will take about 3 weeks to start seeing any changes, so stick with it. But you will start to notice your thoughts beginning to align with whatever is required for you to attract your soul mate.

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