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Mentalism Secrets and Tricks

A mentalist can be easily compared to being a magician. You see, both mentalism and magic have lots and secrets and tricks that make their illusions work.

Both require a lot of time and practice to master. And some mentalists even incorporate hypnosis which allows the mentalist to make his/her performance even more believable.

So what are the secrets and tricks that a mentalist uses? This article is going to go over how a mentalist tries to make you believe that he/she has special capabilities.

Well the first and most important is the trick of illusion. The biggest job the mentalist has is getting you to buy into the trick. And he/she accomplishes that with no special powers and unlike the magician, usually without costly props. A mentalist must practice and master the skill of illusion in order to pull off his/her tricks.

To do this the mentalist will try one of the following tricks:

A Hot/Cold reading, involves giving the feeling of looking at your brain. By using what a person looks like, his/her race, age, language and appearance the mentalist makes educated guesses. And the more the guesses are correct the more the person being read gives away wanting more information.

And one of a mentalist’s best secrets is learning to listen. To let the person open up and give them as much information as they want to, thus allowing the mentalist to “read” that person even more.

Hypnosis is another trick used. And it is not the type of hypnosis where the member of the audience is put in a trance and told to do things this kind of hypnosis is much more covert. The mentalist uses “hypnotic language” and other tactics to have the person playing along. Many times no one, including the audience, knows there is any hypnosis going on.

Another trick is called physique language, which is similar to a cold reading, but relies heavily on a person’s body language. By learning about human body language it puts the mentalist as an advantage, by giving him/her another tool to show you he/she is able to tell you things they wouldn’t’ normally know.

One advanced secrets is using what is called Memory Approaches. The mentalist applies a practice called mnemonics. It is used to improve his/her memory like with memorizing the order of a deck of card to show off his/her skills and “wow” the audience even more.

There is also of course regular “old” magic. Mentalism is like having a minor degree along with the major degree in magic. He/she may utilize many magic tricks to such as the slight of hand tricks to be used to convince you of his/her psychic powers.

So when you boil it down, a mentalist is basically a version of a magician. Mentalists learn very similar tricks, for example, illusion, distraction, and memorization. But if you decide to become a mentalist it will require learning several other different types of skills and a whole lot of practice. You will also need to study an learn about people.

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