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Mind Movies Review

mind movies reviewHow would you love being able to create the exact life you envision in a movie? How would that make you feel? Dream no more because with mind movies, you can visualize anything you want and actually see it.

What is a mind movie?

A mind movie is simply that: mind movie. A short movie you create from what you envision, what you want, and then put it together with a song that you like, a song that makes you feel good. 

 Look at it as a 3-minute movie of the perfect life you’ve always envisioned. It’s really easy and fun. So basically, a mind movie is a visualization tool that lets you ‘see’ your vision as you want it.

The Mind Movie creation Kit

The Mind Movie Creation kit was created by Ryan Higgins, an Australian, who asserts that he created Mind Movies to help people create emotionally charging videos that manifest their aspirations in life.

The Mind Movies Creation kit comprises video tutorials which you can follow and learn how to make slideshows/movies of the perfect life that you aspire.

All you have to do after is watch the movie you’ve made and get motivated, inspired and energized to make it a reality. There’s nothing as motivating as seeing exactly what you want to be or ‘where you want to go’.

Basically, Mind Movies achieves the following: setting intentions, vision or dream boards, repeating affirmations and building treasure maps, but it doesn’t merely achieve these things, it takes them to a new level.

If you’ve had the chance to watch the movie ‘The Secret’, then you have a good idea of what all the above things are about. If not, then you can just envision what you want to be, the possessions you want to own, the places you’d like to go, the money you want to get and perhaps, the person of your dreams, and you’ll be on your way.

Are you acquainted with other teachings such as Esther Hicks’ Ask and It Is Given, or any of the Abraham-Hicks lore, then you’re familiar with the concept of mind movies, one that is guaranteed to change the lives of those who truly understand it.

Our final thoughts on Mind Movies

Many people walking this planet have, for many years, under estimated the power of intention, and others have completely misunderstood it. The fact is that ‘thoughts become things’ and this is something that most people don’t fully comprehend.

Some of the greatest innovators and leaders have made use of this immense power to change the world, and  create events that forever changed the course of the human race.

Mind Movies allow you to take abstract ideas from a ‘dream’ state to reality in a short period of time. How fast your reality matches up with your desire depends on how much emotion and passion you attach to it (desire).

So basically, you’ll be able to put it all together with a Mind Movie – the desire, its description, what it looks and feels like, and then accompany it with inspiring music and bring it into line with your deepest feelings and emotions.

You will certainly not find any powerful visualization tool out there to match Mind Movies.

mind movies review

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