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Motivation - What is It And Why We Need It

Motivation can be defined as the desire to do things, the element that powers the individual into action or allows one to pursue and reach goals.

We all know what lack of motivation is like. It appears whenever we feel compelled to do somethings because it is required from us by family, the boss or just because we don't have a choice.

The concept of motivation and self-motivation now receive more emphasis because they are essential in setting and reaching objectives.

Figuring out what you want and finding the resources to move toward personal and professional fulfillment helps you be who you want to be. An average individual is neither powered by strong motivation nor defined by procrastination and avoidance.

We live part of our lives somewhere in the middle, and we usually experience shorter periods of intense motivation, when there is goal within reach, something that we want or need really badly. These alternate with periods of less intense efforts toward goal achievement.

There is a complex of objective and subjective factors that influence a person's motivation level. Simply relying on positive phrasing and the law of attraction does not work every time. The difficulty of the task and the way it is perceived by the individual influences the level of motivation towards related goals.

Take, for instance, climbing, as an extreme sports activity. Your motivation to climbing an abrupt wall depends on your climbing experience and the way you perceive heights. If you are afraid of heights, then, your motivation toward such an activity will be zero.

A huge number of studies have been conducted on motivation over the years, some with more surprising results than others. What all confirm nevertheless, is that people can be stimulated into pursuing their goals and lead happier lives if they have a solid motivation.

If for example a better job will bring more money to have a great car, some people will work hard to reach their goal. Weight loss seems to be one of the issues that people need to self-motivate in order to achieve with their dietary program.

Food addiction and emotional eating sometimes challenge even the best motivated person, therefore, it could feel easy to lecture someone on motivation without yet understanding what that person is going through. This is just one example of very common life instances that people need to pay attention to, because sometimes motivation is not enough to break bad habits and achieve goals.

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