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No More Insomnia: 8 Fixes for Troubled Sleep

Did you toss and turn last night? Have trouble getting to sleep? Sleep is so important if you want to stay healthy and be productive during the day. This article will give you 8 fixes for troubled sleep.

Fix #1 – Noise

That sounds a bit backwards I know, but sometimes the outsides noises are what is keeping you up.

If you turn on a fan, or an actual noise making machine, you block all of that out and you can focus on relaxing and going to sleep.

Fix #2 – Sleep and Sex Only

If you watch TV, read or eat in your bed, you are sending the wrong message to your body. You need to make your bedroom for sleeping and for having sex only, that way your body recognizes that it is there to sleep. That will mean no reading, no TV, and definitely no snacking.

Fix #3 – Night shades

The darker your room is the better shot you have at telling your body it is nighttime. So buy some room darkening shades and pull them down at when you are trying to get some rest.

Fix #4 – Routine

It may sound like a silly fix, but think about it for a minute. What time do you go to bed? What time do you get up? If I can sleep in, I do. So I end up throwing off my body’s routing sometimes by going to bed later or sleeping in later.

If you are having trouble sleeping try it for a week. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time. You need to teach your body that at a certain time it should be getting tired and ready for bed.

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Fix #5 – Exercise

I know, I know, exercise again. Seems like all we hear is, you need to exercise. In this case I believe it will help. One of the things that can keep us up is stress. Exercise is a great to reduce your levels of stress and less stress means you can actually relax at night, thus having a better shot at getting some sleep!

Fix. #6 – Meditation

Meditation is used to relax, focus and helps you clear your mind. If you can clear your mind of worry and anxiety you call help your body relax. And relaxing is one of the biggest keys to getting sleep.

Fix #7 – Proper Nutrition

Ever had a cup of coffee or a can of soda right before you went to bed? I have and I was up for hours. You want to try not to consume caffeine a few hours before bed. It also helps if you are eating a balanced diet.

Fix #8 – Room Temperature

Have you ever woken up sweating, or curled up in a ball freezing? How did you feel? Well rested? Not likely. Before you lay down set the thermometer to a temperature you like, so you can sleep through the night comfortably and get the best sleep possible.

So there you are, 8 fixes for troubled sleep: use a sound machine, use the bedroom for sleeping and sex only, try night shades, get to bed at the same time every night, exercise, try meditating, eat properly and adjust the room temperature for what will help you sleep the most comfortably. Try all those fixes and you will be sleeping in no time.

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