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Overcoming Challenges – Some Simple Strategies

Life is not meant to be easy and it is constantly throwing challenges your way, to push you, make you grow and force you to move forward.

And sometimes those challenges get so overwhelming that we don’t know where the heck to begin.

This article is going to go over some simple strategies to help you deal with the challenges that life throws your way.

And as simple as this first strategy is going to sound, it is really an important one to remember, nothing lasts forever.

In general people dealing with a challenging situation, or a challenging time in their lives, panic. And panicking is about the worst thing you can do. You need to stop, take a deep breath and focus on this thought, life is ever changing and it will continue to change, meaning this will not last forever. So while you deal with it, remember at some point it will come to an end.

The strategy is to know that you are not alone, so ask for some help. In most cases someone you know has either dealt with this kind of challenge and can offer up some helpful advice, or that person knows someone who has dealt with something similar and can get you in touch with them. Or find someone who specializes in that kind of issue.

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For example, if you are taking a class with material you just can’t grasp, hire a tutor, go talk to the family whiz, or call up a friend who you know has background in that field. There is no point trying to reinvent the wheel, utilize the knowledge others have and save yourself from unnecessary anxiety.

Using positive thoughts to help you is a great way to overcome challenges. Some people incorporate affirmations into their daily routine. Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat, daily to help stop negative thoughts. You can really use any positive statement and if you are dealing with a challenge you can center the affirmation on that challenge.

Then you will want to repeat that affirmation several times a day: when you wake up, at a quiet moment sometime during the day and right before you go to bed. The purpose is to teach your brain that yes you can and will overcome the challenge you are dealing with at that moment.

Another great strategy is to take whatever challenge you are dealing with and break it down into smaller pieces. Sometimes looking at the big picture is too overwhelming, so take the challenge and break it down, and deal with one part at a time. By doing that it is much more manageable.

We all have to deal with challenges at one time or another, and sometimes we just don’t how or where to begin. Keep in mind that although challenges are not easy, they are there to push us and to make us grow as people.

By using the strategies outlined in this article you at least have some tools to help you move in the right direction to overcoming any and all challenges in your life, now and in the future.

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