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Overcoming Fear of Failure for Many Highly Successful Men…

Success is what most of us want, but what most people don’t realize or want to understand is that most people do not find success without a whole lot of failures first.

They don’t realize it because all we hear about is the final product, we don’t hear about the years of failures or the hours and hours of time put into something he was passionate about to become the success he is today.

So what was the key, the answer to finding success? It was overcoming the fear of failure and understanding that failure is merely a stepping stone to achieving greatness.

So let’s look at both parts of the key to success, the first part being why is there a fear of failure in the first place?

That can be broken down into three parts: not knowing, unrealistic expectations, and expecting perfection.

Most people really do not know what it really takes to become successful, because all they see in the media or by word of mouth is the end result. They only hear about the actual success not all the work that came before that.

People also have unrealistic expectations; they expect to be successful after the first attempt. And if they don’t succeed they believe they are a failure. Then they feel bad about themselves and are terrified to try again, thus never succeeding.

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For some the issue is not being able to be perfect. They expect to never make mistakes ever. And if they do they are embarrassed and reluctant to try again. And they feel like if it can’t be perfect, why bother.

With all of that said, let’s look at the second part, by seeing that there are ways to overcome those fears and use the failures in life at stepping stones to find success.

First you must accept and embrace the reality that sometimes, you will fail. You are human, humans are not perfect and we make mistakes.

Next, don’t take failure personally, instead use it, learn from it, and apply what you have learned to the next attempt.

Third, remember no one, not even Bill Gates succeeds all of the time, and in fact even the professionals succeed less than half the time. Many batting averages for really good players are around .350 meaning they miss more than 60% of the time.

Finally, and most importantly, believe in yourself. Instead of quitting on yourself when you fail, use it as an opportunity to build perseverance and resolve. Truly believe that you have what it takes and remember how many famous people failed, multiple times before they were able to succeed but they stuck with it and so should you, because you can and will succeed.

Failure sucks, but it is an essential part of the growing, learning process parts of life. You can use failure as a stepping stone to finding success or you can let it push you down and make you quit, feel bad about yourself and never find success. I would suggest going with the first option for self growth. Take your failure and learn from it taking you one step closer to success!

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