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Perseverance: Keys to Success

The definition of perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. People overcome amazing obstacles in life, persevere and find success.

How do you think records get broken, or people survive things they shouldn’t? People find something deep within them and push it when other people don’t and dig way down deep for a little more.

Sounds pretty heroic doesn’t it? Sounds like something only a few have the privilege of figuring out how to do it, when in reality anyone can! Let me say that again, anyone can, including you, persevere and succeed.

Let me explain what I mean, you see, you already have all the tools you need to persevere. OK you can stop looking at me like I have two heads, because I can prove it. I believe everyone is born with the know-how to overcome obstacles in life otherwise you wouldn’t be able to walk, feed yourself, talk or ride a bike.

And I would think you can do at least four out of the five of those. It is part of our natural make up to want to succeed and when we are young, that natural tendency takes over and makes you want to crawl and walk, feed yourself and even talk.

Unfortunately as we get older, life throws all sorts of curve balls our way, in the form of being discouraged, or told you can’t do something. And that creates negative feelings about you and about what you are capable of doing.

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Which all result in repressing all those skills of perseverance, and lacking the confidence to trust that you have the proper skills. And that creates a domino effect of creating low self-esteem, not trusting your abilities, so on and so forth.

So, in order to rebuild your determination, you perseverance you need to re-gain the power of your destiny.

Start by taking back the control in your life. A person who has low self-esteem tends to give up control and if you want to persevere you have to be the driver of your life.

You need to develop a network of friends and family who love you and support you, helping you stay the course.

You need to let go of negative feelings and negative relationships, opening yourself up to feeling hopeful. Negativity is like poison it will cripple you and in the end kill all your dreams and aspirations.

Develop a definite goal and willpower to follow through. Consistently move towards your goals, dreams, and plans. If you have goals you are more likely to keep moving forward, so plan, dream and push.

Make the decision, “You can and you will.”

You have the natural perseverance in you. You were born with it, it helped you walk after you had fallen hundreds of times, it pushed you to get on the bike again even after you had fallen, bled and were now terrified, and it is still deep inside waiting for you to come looking for it so you can go after the next goal, the next desire and it can help you do it!

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