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Do You Have the Mindset of the Rich?

You might have even practiced all of the positive thinking and creative visualization techniques and be wondering exactly which piece of the puzzle you're missing.

If so, you're about to discover the key to the vault in these principles of prosperity and wealth which the rich use to keep their minds in the right place...

First, Are You Living out of Possibility or Necessity?

When you think about money, do your thoughts revolve around how you're going to pay your bills or whether or not you're going to have what you need to survive? If so, you might be interested in knowing that the mindset of the rich is based more on possibility than on necessity.

In other words, they're always looking for new possibilities for expanding their wealth and for leveraging the wealth that they have. They're more focused on this than they are on the day to day worries about money: paying bills, getting out of debt etc.

This is probably one of the most commonly misunderstood principles of the prosperity mindset. Too often we look at someone who is wealthy and living out of possibility instead of necessity and say: "Well, it's easy for them to think that way, they already have plenty of money."

But the reality is that they HAVE the money they do BECAUSE of the way they think, not the other way around. If you read the stories of first generation millionaires, you'll find that they spend many, many years living out of possibility instead of necessity.

And for years, they struggle. But because they refused to stop looking for new possibilities and learning from their mistakes, their commitment eventually paid off.

And that's where the second principle comes into play...

the secret of deliberate creation

Millionaires Don't Pass the Buck

One of the clues to why the general population is broke can be seen in the level of victimism and "you owe me" thinking that pervades society. It might be easy to look at a rich person and think that they've somehow made less mistakes than broke people have....but the opposite is usually true.

One of the primary differences between the broke and the rich is that the rich accept full responsibility for their mistakes, and so they learn from them, reinvent themselves and correct course. The more they do this, the wiser they become and the more empowered they become to create their own wealth out of that wisdom.

But those who refuse to learn from their mistakes, and instead pass the buck or blame someone else, never get the chance to learn or to advance in their lives. They keep blaming, and so they stay stuck where they are.

One of the most empowering, and also most frightening things that you can accept when it comes to becoming rich is that you really are on your own. If you wait on your employer, your spouse, your government, the stock market or the economy to "get it together" before you can start building financial security and wealth, you'll always be broke.

The only perfect time to start building financial security and living out of possibility instead of necessity is right now. The longer that you put it off, no matter what the reason, the more you disempower yourself from taking responsibility for your own success.

TIP: If you have a plan as to how you're going to begin creating wealth, start right now. The best way to do this is to develop a long term action plan, break it into small steps and start of the first step right now. This means today... no matter what.

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