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Genuine Happiness Comes From Within

Have you been sitting in traffic, or at the doctor’s office, or waiting for the bus and thought to yourself, “Did everyone get the memo but me?” “Why does everyone else seem so freaking happy?” “What is wrong with me?”

And of course while you are sitting there everyone around you is smiling and laughing, or at the very least seem very content with life.

And after an evaluation of your life recently you can’t seem to remember a time lately when you were genuinely happy, not just the plaster a smile on and get through the night, but really happy.

Now you have two choices, keep living your life like that, getting through the day or you can decide that you too deserve to be truly happy. If you are still reading I am going to assume you have decided, you too deserve genuine happiness, and that is the first step.

The next step is a bit more challenging, but equally as important. You need to begin with yourself, and to love who you are. And you can say all you want that you do love who you are, but if you did, then you would already be happy.

So, take a step back and really look at where you are in your life and evaluate yourself honestly. Part of loving yourself is also accepting who you are, imperfect and human. However, there are ways to change these with personal growth development and visualization tips.

Then you need to look around at: your job, family, home, the way you look, who your friends are, your car, how much money you have in your bank account and evaluate how you feel about all of those areas as well. If you are honestly content will all of those, or can make changes to become content with those areas of your life, then you will find true happiness.

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So all of that sounds great, but how do you apply it to your life? How do you find happiness within? Now that you have done some evaluating it is now time to start making small changes to how you think about life in general.

What people fail to realize is that happy people don’t have to have the best car or the biggest house. Happy people learn to make the most of what they do have while reaching for what they want.

For example, I left teaching to stay at home with my children. I could have been miserable because we only had one income and that meant we couldn’t buy a brand new car or the biggest house.

But I was so grateful to be home watching my children grow and it was amazing. Also, while I stayed home I continued my education so when I went back to work I would be able to reach for my next dream.

And the best way to find contentment is to take one area at a time and work on making that area work for you. Change how you think about what you do have. For example, say, “I may not love this job, but it is getting me the experience I need to get the job I really want.”

Continue to move through all the areas of your life, becoming content in every area and you will find genuine happiness within.

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