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How to Feel Great Everyday

We all strive for it, but few of us attain it. But the reality is our main goal in live is to wake up feeling great, and hold onto that feeling every day, all day.

And part of being able to do that is being aware of what makes us feel great and truly loving who we are, so we are willing to accept that we deserve to give it to ourselves.

In order to survive life we have basic needs like: water, food, and a place to live. On top of those necessary needs, we have needs that may not be “necessary”, but they sure make life worth living like: good health, great friends, love, intimacy, quality time with ourselves, alone, fun, peace, just to name a few.

The problem comes into play when we are taught at an early age to set aside our needs for the needs of others. We have been taught, conditioned and trained to shelf what we want to allow for the majority to have their way. So now, when we try to evaluate what we really want it is sometimes hard to know.

What is great though is that just as we were taught how to put everyone else first, we can re-learn how to love ourselves enough to figure out what we want and how we feel about our lives at this moment, putting our feeling and needs back at the top of the list.

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A big part of doing what we want is in how we think about what is going on in our lives. For example, for people with children, we have to put most of our needs on the shelf so that our children get what they need.

But if you change how you think about having to go to a football game in the rain and cold from I really don’t want to be in the cold and rain, to I am so excited to see what my child can do and show him/her how much I love them and support them. Then you are still doing something you are enjoying and putting your child’s needs first.

And if it is something that you truly don’t enjoy then you need to start making some changes towards fixing that part of your life. For example, if you don’t love your job, but it is getting you the experience for the job you will love then that is how you have to think about it. I may not love this job, but I love that it will help me get to the job I will love.

Ninety percent of feeling great every day is all about your attitude and how you chose to think about what is in your life. The other ten percent are the actions you take to get to a place where you will love whatever part of your life that you do not love right now.

So, feeling great everyday takes a positive attitude and taking action to fix whatever you are not happy with. You deserve to be happy so don’t be afraid to focus on what it is that will make you happy and go after getting it.

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