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How to Maintain a Positive Attitude And Outlook in Life

If you were interviewing for a position and you had two candidates, both equally qualified, both appeared to be nice, but one was super positive, which one would you hire?

Me, I would hire the positive one. Positive people bring an energy with them that is like no other. They motivate you just by having a positive attitude.

Have you ever wondered how people like that maintain a positive attitude?

Well I can tell you maintain a positive attitude all the time isn’t something that most people can naturally do, so here are some tips that you can incorporate.

1. Exercise. Besides the obvious health benefits, exercise can also boost your mental health. And if you can start your day out with some exercise you have started your day off on the right foot, got some good endorphins going.

2. Get up early. This dovetails with exercise because if you get up early you are more likely to exercise. But even if you prefer to exercise at night, getting up early starts your day off right. It allows you to get a head start on the day and you can get prepared for the day without feeling hurried. When we hurry we forget things and get all stressed out.

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3. Read/Listen to inspirational books. We can all use a boost on occasion and by reading or listening to an inspirational book you will walk away feeling motivated and invigorated. It will also help you get into a positive mindset.

4. Life isn’t perfect. Know and accept that life is not perfect and it will never go perfectly. Because if you don’t you will be caught off guard again and again. And by knowing you can mentally prepare, keeping yourself from getting upset and stressed out, thus losing your positive edge.

5. Be Thankful. Write down a list of everything you are thankful for, and I mean everything. It should be a pretty hefty list. You can write down things like, I am thankful for: the sunshine, my kids, my job, the lady who helped me find my way yesterday, the roof over my head, etc… Then pick 3 or 4 and write those on a sticky note and shove it in your pocket or purse. When you are having a bad moment, pull that out and remember you have a lot to be thankful for.

6. Surround yourself. This one is pretty straightforward, surround yourself with positive people. If you are around a bunch of grumpy people, who are always mad or depressed it is only natural to join them. So, surround yourself with people who are happy and fun to be around, then you will want to join them and that is a good thing.

Being positive all the time is not easy, but if you incorporate the ideas from above you will learn how to maintain a positive attitude and be a happier person. And if you are having a rough day remember we all have them and it is OK, so long as you work towards finding the positive again, soon.

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