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Positive Thoughts: Thinking Your Way to Success

If you think you can walk into an interview: dressed in a suit, holding your perfectly prepared business plan, your very thick brag folder, say all the right things, and totally look the part; all the while thinking I am never going to get this job, you have just destroyed pretty much any chance you had of getting that job.

What people don’t realize is that how you feel about yourself and your abilities comes through in every aspect of your life. People can feel the lack of confidence and the negative feelings you have towards yourself.

So, before you go into a job interview or into a business meeting you need to prepare, mentally. You need to use positive thoughts to think your way to success: be that success during an interview, business meeting, or whatever you are tackling in life.

Positive thinking helps put you in the right frame of mind and helps you have the self-confidence to know you can do whatever you set your mind out to do.

If you think about times in your life when you were and were not successful I would be willing to bet, your mind played a big part in which way it went. I remember one time, shooting pool in a tournament I needed to sink the eight ball or lose. All I could think was I am never going to make this shot, and guess what? You got it I missed and lost the match.

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But along the same lines I was in an interview a few years back, and I could feel it in my bones and in my mind I was made for the job I was interviewing for and I walked into the interview totally positive that I was going to get it, and I did.

If you tend to be a negative thinker there are a couple things you can do to swing your thoughts to the positive side, helping you become the successful person you want to be.

The first involves learning how to filter out the negative thoughts by paying more attention to your thoughts. While sitting on the bus or at your desk take a minute to really focus on what is going on in your mind. Look at each thought individually. When you notice a negative one, you need to immediately get it out of your head and replace it with a positive one. This will take time and practice, so be patient with yourself.

Another way is to use affirmations daily to overload your mind with positive thoughts. This is a great way to not only work on having positive thoughts, but it also allows you to focus on whatever task you are preparing for, such as an interview, big race, etc…

Affirmations can be tailored to exactly what you are doing, for example if you are preparing for a race your affirmation could be, “I am going to run a great race.”

It is all where you are mentally. So, start creating positive thoughts and think your way to success!

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