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Stop Negative Thinking in 3 Easy Steps

It is very easy to look at your life and see what you don’t have, or see all the bad things going on. It takes work and persistence to stop that kind of thinking, adding in that you have to really want to stop negative thinking.

Once you make that decision to stop thinking negatively you will already be heading in the right direction.

Below are 3 easy steps to help you stop negative thinking.

Think about the possibilities

It is not good to think about the “what ifs” all the time, but in this case take a few minutes and think about the possibilities. If you are feeling particularly over-weight, think about what it would be like to lose say 30 pounds.

What would that do for you? Start thinking about the positives, for example, your emotions, your mental status, and physically how would you feel. Then try to hold onto those feelings.

Transfer your Energy, using visualization

Energy is truly the master of your universe. How you feel day to day is the kind of energy you draw to yourself. If you are sending out negative “vibes” then negative energy is attracted to you. So, you need to shift what you are sending out into the world, to the positive side. By doing that you will attract positive “vibes” back to you.


So, how do you create this shift? You need to use visualization to create a place that will allow you to release that negative energy and allow the positive energy to flow into you. There is not just one way to do this, but let me give you one example.

One way is to take a deep breath in thru your nose, visualize your favorite color entering your body then blow your least favorite color out, using your mouth. Your positive energy, in the form of your favorite color comes in, negative energy, in the form of your least favorite color goes out. But you use what is best for you and how you visualize, or imagine things.

Distract your Focus

What the heck does that mean you may ask? What it means is that your focus right now is negative. If you want to stop your negative thinking you need literally distract your thoughts to something else, taking your mind off the negative.

You can do this by picking up a hobby or you can play a sport, or go for a walk, call a friend, go weed the garden, read a book. Find different ways to take the focus off the negative.

By teaching yourself the 3 easy steps above you can change what you are attracting to you. Let all that negative energy go and let the positive energy pour in, allowing you to change the course of your life.

It will not be easy and will require persistence and practice. But you can change the way you think by stopping your negative thinking, distracting it, shifting it, and thinking about the “what ifs”. Take that step, make the decision to be positive.

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