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Ways to Boost your Mood

I woke up the other morning and just felt blah! Not sure why, I went to bed early, had eaten a good dinner and I didn’t go to bed in a bad mood or anything.

What was even worse was that it hung around for a couple more days for no reason other than I could not shake my bad mood.

So, I got so frustrated at one point that I sat down and thought of ways I had used in the past to boost my mood.

Knowing other people have been in the same boat and will be again, this article is to share some of the ways to feel great everyday that work for me.

Pick up the phone. If you are feeling grumpy, call a friend, especially one who knows you and can make you laugh. Or call a parent who will listen to you, love you and tell you to get over it!

Exercise. This one works great for me. I like to run, but any exercise will work. I get out and burn off some of the crabbiness or blahs. Plus exercise pumps all those good endorphins through your body, automatically lifting your mood up.

Take a bubble bath. I forget about this one sometimes. But it is one of my favorite ways to relax, regroup and certainly lifts my mood a few notches.

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Plan a lunch/dinner date. Plan a lunch or dinner date with a friend or your spouse. By putting something on your calendar for a few days from now gives you something to look forward to and always makes me feel better.

Music. For me, music can help my mood or send my mood farther down, so be careful with this one. If you can pick the music, put on fast, upbeat music and sing along or dance in your living room (with the curtains closed if you dance like me).

Let it out. For some people they need to release those feelings, so have a good cry, if you are home alone, yell or scream it out, whatever lets those negative feelings go for you.

Set a small goal. Sometimes part of our yucky mood comes from feeling unproductive. So, set a small goal for yourself and when you accomplish it you will surely feel better and feel better about you.

Escape. Now this one is a temporary fix, but sometimes that is all we need is a little escape from life, so go see a movie, or get into a good book. Then when you finish you will have had time to regroup and that will let your mood bounce back.

Laugh. This one is good for anytime, good mood or not. Laughing is great for your endorphin levels and great for your soul. Have a kid tell you a joke, it won’t be a good one, but when they laugh (because to them their joke is hilarious) you won’t be able to help yourself, you will laugh too.

There are a ton a ways to boost your mood, but the ones above are my tried and true ones that always help boost my mood.

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