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Ways to be Happier

I remember the drive very vividly, I was in the car with my son’s and I was trying very hard not to swear, my hands were gripping the wheel very tightly and I was yelling about them being too loud while I was trying to drive.

I was so angry, and I wasn’t even completely sure why. And I had been like that for a few days. Snapping at my children, my husband and just in general being grumpy and I still could not figure out what exactly it was.

So, I laid in bed that night analyzing what had been going on the last few days, the last few weeks and nothing major popped up in my mind. Woke up the next morning still thinking about it and I realized, I wasn’t really angry so much as I was not happy.

And by then I was very tired of not being happy that I decided I needed to do something about it. After looking at all sorts of ways to be happier the ones in this article worked the best for me, hopefully they will help you too.

The first way I learned is that it is all about getting back to the basics. Your body needs a certain amount of sleep, get that much. You need to exercise, you don’t have to like, but you do need to do it. Eat properly and don’t let yourself get hungry or guess what, yep, you will get grumpy.

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Another way is to let the anger go. And what I mean by that is, even though we have been told not to go to bed angry, sometimes that is the best thing to do. By getting the anger out does not guarantee you will feel better. Sometimes by giving those feelings some time to dissipate you will realize you weren’t as angry as you thought, thus saving yourself an unnecessary argument and more bad feelings.

A third way is change. And I know most of us aren’t very comfortable with that thought, but life is change. And believe it or not most people realize after the fact that it was a lot of fun to try something new, even if they were terrible at it, because the familiar can get very boring and stale.

The next way is to avoid using temporary fixes. We have all indulged in a pint of ice cream, bought something we couldn’t afford, drank too much. We have all been happy temporarily and then regretted it later, after we stepped on the scale, woke up with a hangover, or gotten the credit card bill. Not to mention that the feeling is only temporary and we want to find happiness long term.

Finally, and maybe one of the most important, is to take action in your personal development. You can moan and complain that you aren’t happy, but if you are doing nothing to fix that, then it is really your own fault. You have control of your emotions and if you know how to steer them in the right direction you can find that long term happiness you are after.

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