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Winning 101: What a Winner's Mindset Looks Like

You've probably heard a lot of talk about how important it is to have the "Winner's Mind," but are you curious about what that actually means and how you can develop this mind set for your personal growth?

If so, these five winning mindset principles will help you to get your thoughts directed towards a brighter future...

Definiteness of Purpose

The first principle of building a winner's mindset is having definiteness of purpose. If you know exactly what you want, it's much easier to stay focused on what will help you get it instead of being distracted by worry, fear and the opinions of others.

Definiteness of purpose also gives you certainty and decisiveness which naturally breeds confidence, self-reliance and which inspires practical actions.

Many people who "lose" in life do so because they have too many things that they're interested in or distracted by. Definiteness of purpose clears out the obstacles and helps you to develop the next four principles of a winning mindset...

Proper Care of Your Mind

Winners acknowledge that their minds are body parts and that the mind must be consistently trained, cleaned out (of negative thoughts and worry), and fed (with knowledge and information which is pertinent to one's definite purpose).

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Many people who are assaulted by worry, fear and negative thoughts feel helpless when it comes to control over their mind. Little do they know that through deliberate training, they could gain control over their thoughts.

Winners care for their mind by spending daily time in meditation and in creatively visualizing what they want to accomplish. This gives the mind a chance to clear itself of uncontrolled and uncertain thoughts, and to focus instead on empowering thoughts based on a definite purpose.

Winners also treat learning as a lifelong process and are consistently feeding their minds with inspiration, courage and information: books, tapes, inspiring music and movies etc.

Selective Ignorance

Every day, the mind is assaulted by the opinions from other people, from the media and from solicitations. Any mind which does not guard itself against these things is going to become overwhelmed by distraction... but that's not all.

The majority of information which comes to us through the popular media is not empowering... it's negative and bitter with opinions of other people. The more that you allow these things in your mind, the less control you have over focusing on your definite purpose.

The art of selective ignorance is crucial to building the mindset of a winner, and it's best accomplished by building a clear inner vision of what you want. Again, this is why it's important to start out with definiteness of purpose.


Failure is Just Feedback

Winners have a completely different take than the majority when it comes to failure: they see failure as a learning experience and an opportunity to begin again more intelligent.

Winners are always examining failures in order to determine what they can learn from them, and they use the wisdom gained in order to build new plans towards achieving their definite purpose.

With a definite purpose in mind, it's much easier to get back on track and start taking action after a failure has taken place.

And it's this which empowers winners to cultivate the most important characteristic of a winning mindset...

Never Give Up

One of the last speeches which Winston Churchill ever gave during his lifetime was as follows:

"Never give up. Never give up. Never give up."

And that was it. After nearly 80 years of life on this planet and experience in leading a world power, this is all he had to say when he was asked to speak to hundreds of people at a university.

But this is perhaps one of the most important speeches ever given when it comes to cultivating the mindset of a winner.

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