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Power of Now Review | Ekhart Tolle

power of now reviewThe Power of Now – A Spiritual Enlightenment, is a spiritual guide book designed to break all those self-inhibitions that blind us from seeing what we really are worth. It is fascinating how our own minds can confine us and prevent us from seeing what we really ought to be seeing ‘now’.

The Power Of Now is the work of Eckhart Tolle, which will calm your mind and take you through a journey that you’ve never experienced before.

This book is special because it is able to awaken the spirituality into the realm of every person, particularly in the world-view of the western world. By using a simple, common language which is expressive and deep, Eckhart was able to effortlessly accomplish this.

As a reader, you will get an experience if you are ready to let it happen, and this is the gist of the book – experience is the book’s main purpose. On the other hand, this has been the main reason for the strongest critical views about the book because it is only understood with the analytical mind.

What you’ll find in the book

Chapter 1 – this is the entry point to see and make you aware of the self-limiting thoughts. If you’re able to watch over your thoughts instead of identifying with them, you’ll be able to break free from one of the biggest sources of suffering and open the door to a state of high awareness.

Chapter 2 – ‘consciousness; the way out of pain’. The author suggests that we always become familiar with the present moment, make friends with it, accept it and then act from it. By becoming aware of the so-called Pain-Body, you can be able to dissolve it. This chapter basically goes on to outline the details of breaking down Pain-Body in five steps, and then concludes with the secret to life.

power of now reviewChapter 3 – this chapter explores the concept of ‘moving into the now’. It talks about the illusion of time and dissociating it from the mind so that the mind doesn’t move to the past or project the future so as to stay in the present.

Chapter 4 – here, the author outlines the possibilities of becoming stable in the ‘Now’. How can you dissociate all negativity from your thinking and emotions. You will also be introduced to your life’s inner and outer purpose.

Chapter 5 – here, you’ll be introduced to the ‘state of presence’. The author discusses about ‘Satori’, fleeting moments of presence that disappear without really being recognized in their significance. This part dwells much about consciousness and how to free it from physical and mental forms.

Chapter 6 – this chapter aims at putting you into the ‘Being’, the inner body.  It explores the state of being and how to permanently be in a state of connectedness with your inner body.

Chapter 7 – in chapter seven, you will be taken through the enchanting world of the things unknown, the unmanifested forms that are the unseen source of all things. The author discusses several portals of the unseen powers that will introduce you to the immense power hidden within unmanifested forms.

Chapter 8 – this is the chapter of love. It explores the spiritual origin of the powerful physical force called love.

Chapter 9 – basically, this chapter explores duality and non-duality. How do you achieve total peace beyond happiness and unhappiness.

Chapter 10 discusses the meaning of surrender.

On the whole, this is certainly one mystic piece of work from Eckhart Tolle, and going by its sales volumes, it had definitely made its mark.

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