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Program Yourself to Success

We have all seen the movies, with the robot that does everything it is told to do. It has been programed to obey commands and follow directions.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could do the same thing? Well I am here to tell you, if you have the desire to be successful, you can do just that: program yourself to success.

Let’s begin with what it takes to become successful so we know what that requires and we can make sure we get it all covered.

To be successful you need to: know exactly what you want to achieve, in other words what your goal is, create a plan mapping out exactly how you plan to reach your goal, and take the necessary actions to begin to move in that direction.

The last piece to the formula is by far the most important piece which is successful people truly believe they are capable of accomplishing said goal and put forth 100% commitment. And once they reach their goal, they have just added to their level of self-confidence, making it even easier to go after the next challenge/goal.

What about the rest of the population? Most people have lower levels of self-confidence, making it more challenging to go after what they want. They just don’t believe they can reach their goals.

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Then because they are afraid they don’t put forth 100% commitment meaning they will never get the results they are after. The failure then takes a hit at their self-confidence which was already low to begin with. I think you can see the continuous cycle here, making it impossible to build up any kind of self-confidence, thus never attaining your goals.

So, how does someone break the cycle? The first step is to create some smaller and reachable goals. The purpose is to take some small steps and build your self-confidence. This will also create momentum that you can use to begin to moving towards bigger goals.

Think about babies, they work the same way: rolling first, then learning to crawl, then furniture walking, finally moving towards walking all on their own. And there are tons more examples in life. Start small, and then work your way up to the bigger more complex types of goals. Otherwise you will fail and at some point you will give up even trying.

Another way is to take your ultimate goal and break it into smaller more attainable ones. For example, say you want to earn enough money for a down payment on a house. It may take you several years to accomplish this goal and that alone can deter people.

However, if you break it down, trying to save a certain amount every month, and hitting those goals every month you will build momentum encouraging you to make more money and save more, thus attaining your goal sooner, or it will keep you motivated to keep going until you reach your goal, making you feel amazing and giving your self-confidence a huge boost.

By taking those simple steps you are programming yourself to success, because as you build self-confidence it only multiplies catapulting you towards the next goal.

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