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The idea of 'smart goals' is totally subjective. Who decides what's smart and what isn't? A goal that is reachable for one person proves totally impossible for another individual.

Therefore, whether in career or in personal life, goal setting should be self-focused. You know your capabilities, you know your wishes and aims, you just have to work towards making those 'smart goals' come true.

Employer set smart goals

Some companies are still run in a traditional way, with targets and professional goals set by the employer for every department and every employee in particular.

There are salary raises and bonuses at the end of the 'race' if the set goals are reached, if not, penalties follow. This system has its ups and downs, and modern management strategies generally veer away from such an approach to self improvement.

Paul Meyer's SMART goals

Each of the letters in the word SMART is the initial of a major feature of Paul Meyer's project management system. In the approach he took to smart goals, they stand as follows:

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Attainable
R - Realistic
T – Timely.

These are the features that should define any goal, in order for one to be successful in personal and professional endeavors.

Goal setting improves with the SMART approach!

By taking a closer look at your short and long term projects and plans you can determine whether they include smart goals or not. In order for goals to be specific, you should know what to do, and what strategies to use in order to attain the goal. How will you measure the results? This is another dimension of smart goals setting that allows you to determine the level of success.

Smart goals are attainable because when deciding on a certain objective to follow, people seek methods, they change their attitude and plan things ahead so that they go through all the steps necessary to be successful. When the person grows and expands to match goals that seem very far, they become more attainable.

Realistic smart goals are those for which the person has the ability to work. There is a difference between high goals and realistic ones. Only you can determine how high you can go, particular as you make serious efforts towards meeting the objectives.

If the goal is unrealistic, all of your efforts will be in vain, not because you are doing something wrong, but because the goal is out of your reach. And last but not least, every goal needs a time frame, which defines the amount of time necessary for the goals to be achieved.

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