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Scientific Evidence of the Power of Visualization

You've probably already heard a lot about how powerful creative visualization is in helping you to attract what you want. But is there any scientific evidence behind all of this visualization?

If you've been wondering, or even skeptical about this, then this email has the answers you're looking for...

How Creative Visualization Works

When it comes to the principles behind creative visualization, most of the confusion seems to come from the idea that you can actually think about something and cause it to happen. But any reasonable person knows that you have to take action to make things happen.

The practice of visualization actually has a direct influence on your beliefs which in turn have a direct influence on your actions, and those actions are what attract practical results into your life.

The speech and command center of your brain, which is actively involved in creative visualization, is connected to ever nerve in your body. Because of this, your thoughts, your spoken words and the predominating images in your consciousness send nerve impulses to your body which prepare it for specific actions.

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So as thoughts are repeatedly impressed on your subconscious mind through the practice of visualization, your brain becomes hardwired to automatically send nerve impulses to your body in accordance with the thoughts that are in your mind.

But these patterns of thought also create neural patterns, or grooves in your brain which cause your thought energy to follow the same neural path, just as grooves cut in the ground cause water to flow in a certain direction.

So as you can imagine, repeated visualizations become nearly automatic patterns of thought which are such a habit that they become subconscious.

Now, considering this, imagine just how influential repeated visualizations will influence your actions on both a conscious and a subconscious level to follow through with actions that support the content of those visualizations.

So now that you know this, how can you begin using creative visualization to influence YOUR thoughts and produce positive results?

The Practice of Creative Visualization

The following are four steps which can help you to harness the incredible power of visualization to achieve your goals:

1. Gain Control of Your Mind

Creative visualization requires you to have control over your mind and your thoughts, which isn't something you can just start doing. It's like lifting weights.

 It takes consistent training, and the greater control that you have over your thoughts the more effective you'll be in using your creative visualizations.

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2. Decide What You Want

Creative visualization requires consistency, or else your mind will be confused through the many options and images which you're sending to it.

Deciding what you want keeps you from changing your priorities and your desires on a daily basis and helps you to develop a definite pattern when it comes to your thoughts.

3. Involve Your Senses

Effective visualization takes more than just the use of your visual sense, it's important that you use auditory stimuli such as recorded affirmations, smells which remind you of prosperity (if your goal is financial prosperity) and other sensory input which will help you to create a powerful image in your mind's eye.

This is a reason why it's important for you to use creative visualization as a part of a daily routine where you can use as many of your senses as possible to create strong impressions on your mind and body.

4. Be Consistent

Again, creative visualization requires consistent training of the mind, just like exercising your body. The moment that you slow down or stop, you'll certainly notice a decrease in your results.

But it's also important to remember that all you need is 15-20 minutes a day, and as long as you're consistent.

This time alone will be enough for you to create habits of thinking which will remain in your consciousness even while you're not practicing visualization.

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