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Self-Esteem Affirmations: Simple and Effective

Maintaining a sunny disposition could not only help in achieving a positive outlook in life but it also helps in attracting the positive energies as well.

Such attitude can help in improving self esteem and thus changes the way one acts and thinks in a positive manner.

Self esteem affirmations can help change one’s thought patterns and the way he or she regards himself or herself.

Because one is able to regard themselves with high esteem, the person is able to possess more self confidence which can be extremely useful when trying to achieve success in life. Below are a few guidelines on how to go about creating effective and powerful affirmations to help boost one’s self esteem.

1) What is your basis for a high self esteem?

Before anything else, you must first have a clear grasp of your standards. You cannot simply have a high regard for yourself because you like it. Without it, you cannot have a basis of when you could already regard yourself as a person with high self esteem.

To do this, think about the person that, to you, has high self esteem and exudes self confidence. Then, think about the qualities he possesses: What are his characteristics? What are the things he does? How does he act? Be sure to be very specific with your list.


2) How should you structure your positive affirmations?

The next thing you ought to do is to create your very own positive self esteem affirmations. There are rules that you have to strictly follow in order to get this one right: use the present tense, use the first person in your sentence, never use negative words such as don’t, can’t, won’t, shouldn’t and the like and make sure that your sentences are driven by action.

Keeping in the present tense could help inspire your brain to take action at that very moment. Going for first person will ensure that your statement is addressed to you and not to anyone else. Positive words will encourage and inspire you to do the things you ought to do instead of reminding yourself what you should not be doing.

Action-driven statements would encourage you even more to do something – words other than that are merely empty and do not inspire one to take action and experience things.

3) How do you use these affirmations on yourself?

These self esteem affirmations will be of no use if you do not use them. Thus, it is a recommendation to at least use it twice a day on you, perhaps once in the morning and once in the evening. Doing this can essentially help you train your mind and body to do the things that you are telling it to until it becomes a habit.

If you want effective results, be sure to do it consistently and not on an on-and-off basis. Even better, use your positive affirmations on yourself, in front of the mirror. Look yourself straight into the eyes and say the affirmations out loud. You do not have to use a strict and stern voice but you have to remind yourself that you mean business.

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