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Benefits of Self Hypnosis Techniques

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Many people view hypnosis to be a bad, negative art form that is only used to do bad, hurtful things. People see the movies or go to shows where the person makes the person who is hypnotized do silly embarrassing things.

They also feel that it is something difficult to learn and that only the “elite” can learn to master. Really hypnosis is just state of being that anyone who cares to can learn how to do. And if you want you can learn to hypnotize yourself.

And for the record, all of the above is pretty much false, in terms of hypnosis being used only for bad things. There are certainly people who utilize hypnotic skills for negative things.

Because in essence being in a hypnotic state does make us more open to suggestions. That is what advertisers count on when they put up billboard or commercials on TV as most of us enter into some level hypnosis while watching TV, driving or reading a book, but those are not bad things, right?

Now the important question, why would someone want to learn how to hypnotize let alone hypnotize themselves? There can be some very good benefits to hypnotizing yourself. So, let us focus on the benefits of hypnosis, specifically the benefits of self hypnosis.

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We all have things about ourselves that we would love to change or alter in some way; well self hypnosis can help with that.

1. Behaviors. We all have bad habits that we would love to stop doing. Well by using the techniques of self hypnosis you can teach yourself to stop doing whatever negative or make adjustments to a behavior you are not happy with.

2. Stress relief. Who doesn’t have stress now and again? I know I do. You can use self hypnosis to not only relieve any current stress, but also to curb stress in the future. You can teach yourself how to recognize the signs of stress and curb them before they get out of hand.

3. Pain relief. Using hypnosis can be an incredible tool for a person who has chronic pain. It is utilized and taught at hospitals to help folks maintain or eliminate pain.

4. Add positive thoughts. Just as self hypnosis can be used to get rid of negative things; it can be equally used for positive thoughts and ideas. You can use self hypnosis to start your day off on the right foot with positive thoughts and feelings.

5. Weight loss. This is a natural way to help you lose weight. By utilizing self hypnosis you can train yourself to feel less hungry or to pass up desserts. And just by eliminating a couple hundred calories a day you will begin to lose weight.

As you can see self hypnosis has many benefits and if utilized properly you can change your life in positive, healthy ways. You can: stop negative behaviors, reduce or eliminate your levels of stress, help with pain, incorporate positive thoughts, and help yourself lose weight. All of these can be done learning to utilize the benefits of self hypnosis.

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