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Six Ways to Help Your Child Do Well in School

Here are six things that you can start doing immediately to help your child do better in school and his/her personal development...

1. Start Showing Interest

This one is simple, but it's also one of the most powerful methods for helping your child improve in school. It's also something which many parents like to do, just because they deem it as insignificant.

Ask your child what they did in school. Go through a list of their classes or subjects that they are setting, and just have them tell you what they did that day.

Don't ask about their grades or their behavior, otherwise they might think you're just "checking up on them," and they may be reluctant to share. Simply ask them what they're doing and get them talking about it.

2. Give them A Good Morning Experience

Most people allow their experience of the morning shape the entire day, this is especially true with children. Make every effort to be supportive and encouraging as you're helping your child prepare for school in the morning. Reaffirm them of your confidence in them and don't nag them to get ready.

This will help to set the day off on a positive note which will carry them through to a good school day.

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3. Meet their Teachers and The Parents of Their Friends

Many times, a child can be confused because of conflicting signals from the adult influences in their life. It's important to make sure that you send your child's teachers are on the same page and that your child has a clear understanding of what's expected of them, based on consistent standards. The best way to do this is to get to know the other adult influences in your child's life.

4. Reward Good Behavior

Okay, this one might seem a little too obvious to state...but most of the time we reward people according to what we consider to be a reward. Find out what's really important to your child: words of encouragement, physical affection, monetary awards or time spent with them. Then, based you're rewarding good behavior on what is most important to your child.

5. Protect Their Self-Image

Childhood is an extremely frail time in human beings development, because children have a hard time separating their self-image from their performance. If you have a tendency to be overly critical of behavior, your child might not be able to separate that criticism of behavior from a blow to their self-confidence.

This can lead to fear of failure, procrastination, insecurity and dishonesty as your child grows older. So protect their self-image by keeping criticism to a minimum, rewarding good behavior and criticizing behavior only, while affirming your unconditional acceptance of the child.

And most important...

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6. A Rock Solid Home Life

This is easily the most important component of a child's development. Having a rock solid home life means that you and your partner parent in agreement, that you and your partner respect one another and that your home is an incubator for the human spirit. You must guard the walls of your home as carefully as an expected mother guards the walls of her uterus while the child is developing inside her.

This means that negativity, disorder or anything which may hinder the child development is kept out of their home environment. This, along with these other five tips will turn your child's performance in school around and help them to be successful and gain better self confidence.

TIP: After reading this e-mail, go through your house and make a list of all the things which you think might be a hindrance to your child's healthy development. Then get rid of them, and start working on building a home life which will ensure their success out of the home.

Are you feeling like you want your children to do better in school but you're not sure how to get involved?

If so, you're not alone... many parents feel this way and are looking for answers. After all, you want to make sure that if your child is being educated by someone else that you are also influencing your child to get the most benefit possible.

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