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Strategies to Make Room for Money

If you want to make room in your life for money then you have to make room for it. Yep, you heard me correctly you have to make room for money.

You have to literally get rid of stuff. Keep reading and I will explain what I mean. This article will go over some strategies to make room for money.

The first one is to go through every closet in your house, apartment, and condo. Get rid of every article of clothing, purses or shoes that you have not worn or used in the last year.

Also, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, if it is too big, you don’t ever want to be that big again, and if it is too small, when you get down to that size again, getting rid of it now gives you the excuse to buy new things then. Still not sure what to rid of? Follow the self help suggestions below:

• Trust your intuition.

• Do you REALLY love it?

• Have you used it in the last 6 months?

• What do you need it for, really?

• Are there any memories attached?

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Next, take everything to a local resale shop, sell everything and you have just begun making room for money and some is already coming your way.

Strategy number two is to now go through ever drawer in your place and throw out the junk. Plastic wear, matches, plastic bags, etc…, get rid of it all. Go into the garage and downsize the amount of tools you have, toss out old paint, it is probably bad anyways. Then hit your office again going through drawers, clean off shelves.

The more room you make the more you can re-fill it with things you really want!! And the beauty is by making room for money, you will also be filled with a very good sense of satisfaction, as you put some order back into your life and get rid of unnecessary baggage.

It is important to align your desires with your feelings. If you are feeling unsure then no money is going to come your way, so let the feelings of doubt or uncertainties go, trust yourself and the process.

Next, forgive people you have negative feelings about, because any negativity will only block money from coming your way. Realize holding the grudge is only holding you back from attaining the things you want in life, so let it go.

Lastly, think about and feel what it would be like to have all the money you want. You have to visualize it, know what it feels like and live as though you have all the money you want. That does not mean you spend a bunch of money, getting yourself into debt, but it means to have the attitude that I am open to money coming into my life, I am ready for it to come now. And imagine what it will be like to pay for a car in cash.

If you want money to come to you, you have to make room for it, so clean out your closets, drawers, organize your office, align your desires with your feelings, let go of negative feelings, and finally know what it would be like to have all the money you want and live that attitude opening yourself up, allowing money to come your way.

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