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The Law of Attraction - Money

I was sitting with my Dad and I was complaining about the price of gas when he said, “I remember when gas $0.25.”

It made me laugh then, but later thinking back I realized he was right, it is all about the mindset you have about money.

To me $1,000.00 used to seem like a lot of money, just like $3.40 seems like a lot of money for a gallon of gas.

In order for you to attract money you have stop giving money so much power over you. Let’s look at the reverse for a moment. To someone else what you have would be considered wealthy.

Can you buy food when you want it? Do you have a roof over your head? If you run out of gas, can you refill your gas tank? Then to some people you are already wealthy.

So to attract money you have to change your way of thinking. You have to believe that what you want to attract is normal, exactly as it should be. If you get all excited about the possibility of owning a $500,000.00 home or if you cannot picture yourself living there then you will probably never get to live there.

If you want to correctly apply the Law of Attraction you have to lessen, not increase, your level of emotions. What I mean is you have to level out your feelings to so that it feels perfectly normal. If you don’t you will be holding yourself in a state of skepticism.

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If attaining your goals seems impossible, or like a miracle, you are actually putting a barrier between you and your desires. This applies to more than just money it can be applied to your health, relationships, career, etc…

So, how do you do that? How do you level out those emotions? This is where learning to visualize can come in handy. Close your eyes for a moment and try to picture yourself living in an expensive home, having what you would consider a lot of money in your pocket, having the car of your dreams. You have to imagine living that life and what it would be like to live it every day as if it were normal.

If when you close your eyes all you can see is your life now then you will not be able to attract your desires. If living that life is too hard to imagine, start smaller, start with having enough money to own the car of your dreams. Picture yourself driving it every day, parking it in your garage, taking it to get it washed.

You can have everything you want by using the Law of Attraction, but in order to do that you have to incorporate the belief that it is already yours, that it should already be a part of your life, that is it nothing more special than buying a new home or a new car.

Because if you give it too much power, too much control you will never have it. So, begin by knowing it is yours, and soon it will be.

the law of attraction unleashed

the law of attraction unleashed