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The Power of Visualization

Believe it or not, athletes use it, rich business people use it and anyone who wants to can utilize this technique, it is called visualization.

The power of creative visualization can used to attain all that you desire.

To begin to explain what visualization is, you must first understand that there is a difference between visualizing something versus day dreaming about something.

When you visualize something there is purpose and a true want behind what you are visualizing about. For example, I may day dream about having a bigger house, but if I utilize visualization, I will want to actually picture the house I want including the whole layout of the house: number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc…

If there is true purpose it generates energy that generates attraction. In comparison, day dreaming usually creates frustration because you feel like it is just that day dreaming and something that you will never be able to have.

You see for visualization to work you first must believe that it is possible. You must be able to picture yourself living in the house you want, or see yourself crossing the finish line. Then allow the feelings of owning that home or finishing that race to come, really feel and own those emotions.

Next, pay close attention, are you stopping yourself? Are you afraid to be excited about whatever it is that you desire because what happens if you aren’t able to attain what you are after?

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Well that all by itself is stopping you from having it. You are actually creating a barrier between what you want and you. You have to let go of the fear and truly know you can have whatever you desire.

What people don’t realize is that sometimes you are not truly ready for what you desire and so you are unconsciously blocking yourself from attaining your goal. If for some reason you do not feel like you deserve what you are wanting or you may not feel like you can handle your desire if you actually got it can also keep you from getting what you want.

So the best way to correct the problem is start with something smaller more attainable in your mind and work your way up to believing you can and should have your ultimate goal.

Now let’s test our theory, take 10 min. at the beginning of your day and 10 min. at the end of your day, begin to visualize, slowly building up to your ultimate goal. Do this daily for the next 30 days, without skipping any days.

Make sure you truly see it, make sure it is very vivid, and make sure you feel positive and energized while visualizing your goal. The power of visualization will set you on the correct path to make that visualization part of your reality.

Lastly, spread the word about your victories. The more energy you can create about what you are trying to accomplish the more likely you are to attract what it is you seek. And if someone hears about your experience perhaps it will help them stay motivated and focused so that they too can attain their goals using the power of visualization.

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