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The Secret Review

the secret review“The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrne is based on a belief/theory called the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is defined by Wikipedia as a metaphysical belief or theory, that "like attracts like," and that Human perception of what is positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative perceived results, respectively.

According to the law of attraction, the phrase "I need more money" or "I don't have enough money" allows the subject to continue to "need more money" or "not have enough money".

If the subject wants to change this they would focus their thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). This might take the form of phrases such as "I have more money now" or "I have more money than I need." And based on that definition there has been much controversy over Byrne’s book.

The controversy basically comes down to whether you “buy into” the theory of the Law of Attraction. Do you believe that if you focus hard enough and think positively enough that you can change the experiences and the material things that come your way? Do you believe that a person who won the lottery or just landed their dream job drew those experiences to themselves?

Do you also believe that if you don’t think positively, but think negatively that you will draw negative experiences and material things your way? Do you believe that someone who has cancer, or got into a car accident drew those experiences to themselves?

Well, that is basically what Byrne’s book is saying, except much more detailed. It does however also cover areas like how to improve a person’s self-confidence, which is really a good thing for anyone I think. But does it equally support that if you don’t have self-confidence it is because you failed at thinking positively making you lose even more self-confidence?

So in terms of teaching a person about being positive and changing how they think I think Byrne’s book is a great tool and if in the process you happen to attract a car your way, all the better. But what does concern me is the possible negative aspects.

That if a person doesn’t change the way they think the right way then they are to blame for whatever bad things come into their lives. I just have a hard time buying that a person who has a terminal illness “brought that on themselves”.

Another thought I have is most people believe that the reason we are on earth is to learn and grow as humans. If all I have to do is change my way of thinking then I don’t ever have to learn another thing. I don’t have to push hard to earn what I want in life and I certainly don’t need a job, because I know I am going to get what I need by thinking positively.

“The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrne is a controversial book, and I think so long as you go into the book with your eyes open you can take away parts that can help you become a more positive person and there is nothing wrong with that.

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