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Things Preventing You From Creating Wealth

People always want to blame anyone and everyone, anything and everything for their money problems.

“I am broke because I don’t get paid enough money.”

“I can’t make money if the market stays bad.”

“I am bad with money because my parents didn’t teach me how to be responsible with money (yes people actually use that one).”

When actually the true reality is, it is completely up to you! You have complete control over whether you live a life not worrying about money or whether you continue to live paycheck to paycheck.

The biggest issue for most people is a willingness to change. People talk about wanting money, wishing for more money, but they are not willing to do what it will take to accomplish their desire. Below are a few of the barriers keeping you from creating wealth in your life.

Not focusing - We all fall into the trap of trying to juggle 5 things at once. The problem with that is you can’t possibly focus all of your attention on one project giving it the attention it deserves. You need to stop and focus on one task at a time, giving it the proper focus, before you move onto the next project. If you need help learning to concentrate for long periods of time, try checkers or chess.

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Desire versus wishing – At some point in our lives we all wish for things. I wish it would snow 10 feet so I have a snow day tomorrow. In order to create wealth in your life you have to truly desire it. You see wishing is just that, wishing, where to desire is to be active; it requires action on your part. And that action may require sacrifice, but knowing that you still want it.

Negative when you need to be positive – In life, whatever path you choose to take, there will always be bumps along the way, but how you handle those bumps determines how big they will get. If you let the bumps get you down, you will give up and never get what you desire. However if you stay positive knowing it will not be easy, you will come out on top.

Planning, never executing – Of all the reasons you are keeping yourself from creating wealth, this one is the most important one. You have to begin otherwise you have zero chance of creating the wealth you desire. Once you have decided how you are going to create wealth you have to jump in with both feet, make the commitment, otherwise your plans are doomed before you even begin.

You are the biggest obstacle in your way preventing you from creating wealth. No one is perfect, but if you don’t focus, truly desire it, let yourself get negative or never take the risk you are letting your fear of changing prevent you from creating the wealth you desire.

 As you are the biggest obstacle you are also the best tool you have to accomplish your goal of creating wealth. Take the first step and begin, you can do and be whatever you want, including a creator of wealth.



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