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Three Steps to Building Self-Esteem

Not all of us are gifted with the confidence to take on the world anytime of the day, whenever we feel like it.

Most of us just cower and do our best to remain in our comfort zone, where it is safe, than go bold and try out untested and unchartered waters.

The journey to building self-esteem is not quite an easy path, however, as it certainly is not an overnight change.

It would take some time before you see changes in yourself as you follow through the steps to building self-esteem as well as determination and perseverance. But, after all of it, what you get from building confidence is definitely worth all the effort and the wait.

1) Know Your Limits.

The first thing on the list in the steps to building self-esteem would be to make sure that you get to know yourself well through knowing your weaknesses and limitations. Confidence does not come as a general thing.

There are many instances in which you may put high esteem on yourself when it comes to certain areas or certain skills but not on other aspects. It would be best that you know exactly which things you do not feel confident about. Be prepared to know what your weaknesses are and until what level you feel confident about certain things.

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2) Work on the Problem Areas.

Most of the times, your weaknesses and limitations are what would pull you down and hinder you from doing things that you ought to be trying. It would really help a lot if you try to work on these problem areas and improve your skills or knowledge about it.

There will always be room for improvement and when you seek out to find just that, you may be surprised at how much it could actually boost your self-esteem, no matter how small that improvement may be. Of course, you must also not forget to continue seeking knowledge about the things that you already know as it could help build your self-esteem even more.

3) Trust in Yourself.

The last of the steps in building self-esteem would be learning to gain trust in yourself. Just because you have acquired new knowledge or learned new skills does not necessarily equate to you going out there and trying out all these new things.

Most often, it would take some time for your subconscious to actually accept the idea – it has to see you perform these things well enough before it can trust you and convince the entire body to feel confident about it.

Now, just because you fail in one step does not mean that you should already give up. If you really want to help build your self-esteem then there will never be room for quitting. Yes, failure can be inevitable – even the best people in their field have experienced it at some point in their lives – but it should never be an excuse for quitting. Instead, it should be used as a learning experience, so you would strive to do much better the next time around.

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