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Tips for Maintaining Mental And Emotional Health

In today’s world it just gets harder and harder to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. In order to curb some of that stress, and wear and tear, try incorporating some of these helpful tips into your day to day routine.

Physical Health – As simple as that sounds, your physical can positively or negatively affect your mental and emotional health. You want to take care of your body: exercise, eat properly, and get the right amount of sleep.

Let it go – Do whatever you need to do to let go of whatever anger you are harboring. Negative feelings are poisonous to your overall health. Let those yucky feelings go, to make more room for the happy, positive feelings.

Learn the lesson – Life is full of challenges, and sometimes those challenges are negative, but you are still meant to learn something from it, so pay attention learn the lesson.

An active brain is important – Think about the last time you watched TV. Have you ever noticed that after a while your brain stops working so hard, it kind of goes blank? You have to keep your brain engaged as much as possible by learning new things and challenging it as much as possible.

Use all 5 senses – You were given 5 senses for a reason, so along with stimulating your brain you also need to engage your 5 senses by trying a new food, going to a museum, listening to music in another language, stopping to smell the roses, or going to a petting zoo.

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Have fun – Sometimes we get trapped in an unhealthy cycle, too much work and not enough play. Work is important, challenging, but equally important is time to play because when you get away to play it recharges you, allows you to get back to work refreshed and more productive.

Surround yourself with support – It is easy to get focused on all the things going wrong in our lives, but by keeping supportive friends and family close they can help you keep it in perspective.

It is easy to be frustrated that your 5 year old is home sick with the flu, but in talking with your friend whose child just had open-heart surgery, the flu doesn’t sound so bad. And if you didn’t get the job you wanted your support system can remind you another one will come along, maybe even a better one.

Savor the moment – You cannot fix the past, it is what is and it is done. And the "what ifs" of tomorrow could drive anyone crazy. Worrying about what might happen will only ruin your day today and since, all you truly have any control over is this moment right now, so learn to enjoy today, savor it, because we don’t know when there will be no more moments to savor.

By following the self improvement tips, listed above, for maintaining your mental and emotional health you will notice you are more relaxed, more centered, allowing you to enjoy your life more. Life is short, so don’t waste it being stressed out and unhappy, follow the tips outlined and be a calmer, happier person.

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