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Tips for a Well Balanced Life

Life is tricky sometimes, because we want to live it to the fullest, but sometimes in doing that we throw our lives out of balance.

And living a well balanced life is so important to both our physical and emotional health. When our lives get thrown out of whack your body will sometimes remind you by getting sick requiring you to slow down.

Or maybe you will be watching a movie you have seen already, but this time you cry through the whole thing. That is your body telling you something is not balanced.

So it is essential to find the balance between what we must do and what we want to do. Below are some tips for a well balanced life, and by following them you will avoid those nasty physical and/or emotional consequences.

Take care of yourself. The body you have right now is the only one you are going to get, so take care of it. Just like a car if you don’t maintain it, get regular checkups, etc… it will not run properly. You have to get the proper diet, rest and exercise to keep your body running in tip top shape.

Put your priorities in order. Take a look at where you are in your life right now. Decide what is at the top of your important list right now and then set some boundaries. That doesn’t mean you have to stop going to your book club, but maybe you only go twice a month instead of every week.


Try not to juggle too many big things at once. It is crazy to try to have a baby and get the promotion you want at your job.

Be organized. By being organized you keep yourself from getting caught off guard and then feeling rushed or upset because you either end up late or all together miss an appointment completely throwing your life out of balance.

So at the beginning of the week go over what is coming, make a list of what needs to get done, and make sure to include time for you: exercise and recreation.

Be prepared for anything. You cannot control what happens to you, you can only control how you handle it. If you get stuck in traffic, what good does it do you to get upset and angry? Or if you had planned on making chicken and your spouse forgot to take the chicken out, does being mad at him/her really solve your problem?

No, you still have to come up with something else to make, so why not roll with it and come up with something creative for dinner.

Stay positive. You need to get up every day with the intention of having a great day. It probably won’t be great every day, but the more positive you can stay the easier it will be to deal with the bumps that come along the way.

Having a well balanced life is important for both you physical and mental well-being. So use the tips listed above to help you find and keep a well balanced life.

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