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Tips on How to Develop Patience

In a society where people want, and they want it now, it is not hard to imagine why most people have a difficult time having patience.

However, there are still many areas in life that will require you to be patient, so it is important now to learn how to develop patience, so when the occasion arises you are prepared.

Use the tips listed below to help you learn patience.

Practice patience. Pick one day and devote your whole day to trying to be patient. Focus on really staying calm and paying attention to when you do start getting frustrated and why you are getting frustrated.

At the conclusion of that day think back to all the times you held your cool and how that made your day more productive, less aggravating and less stressful. But also think about when you weren’t able to keep it together, and see if you notice any kind of pattern.

You may notice that a particular person sets you off, or maybe it is the time of day, like right before a meal. By being aware of those things that trigger you to be impatient you can be more careful and patient when you are in that situation.

Slow things down. Have you ever noticed that the more rushed you are and the more you try to squeeze in, the shorter your patience fuse is? Think about it, you are running late and you get stuck at a red light, you might react by swearing, but if you are on time or running ahead of schedule it isn’t such a big deal and you probably wouldn’t even notice the red light.

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So by slowing things down and building extra time into your schedule you automatically give yourself a dose of patience, just by changing one habit.

Stop and really think about it. We have all done it, bought something we shouldn’t have or eaten that one more piece of chocolate. Before you do something next time, take a moment, just a moment to evaluate whether you really need another pair of pants or one more bite of that pie even though you are stuffed. By taking that moment you may save yourself some money or calories.

Think before you speak. Once you say it, you cannot take it back, so think before you say something. By pausing for just a moment and deciding is what I am about to say hurtful and if the answer is yes, you need to take another moment to decide if it is necessary to be hurtful at that very moment.

Learning how to develop patience is not easy, but you will find that once you can be patient: you will have less stress in your life, you will be happier and healthier, you will make better decisions, it will allow you to have more empathy for others, and it will help you understand and appreciate the steps of growth.

So use the self development tips listed in this article and begin to get a grasp of and learn to be a more patient person.

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