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Tips on Overcoming Adversity

Life is not easy, but it is not meant to be. If life was easy we would never push to be better and that is where adversity comes into play.

Adversity is there to push, pull and drag us into life’s challenges. And by overcoming adversity you are a better, stronger person, making you the person you are today.

But that is the trick that some people are unable to understand, that if you don’t overcome adversity, you cannot move forward, you become stuck.

But by sticking to your guns, and taking adversity head on, positively, and constructively, you will instill courage, character, strength and come out on top.

And when you do the opposite, when you get caught up in the “why me” trap or the whole life is unfair routine, we miss prime opportunities to grow as a person. However, should you choose to let go of those self-defeating thoughts, allowing clearer thoughts to come through you can get to the root of the problem and begin to overcome adversity. How do you begin?

Below are some personal growth tips for overcoming adversity.

Acceptance – As discussed earlier, adversity is a part of life. How you handle dealing with that adversity is really the trick. So, first you need to accept that adversity is part of your life. At some point in your life, and probably more than once, you will encounter some kind of challenge or tragedy.

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Internal reserves – Just like going to an audition for a part in a movie, you must prepare. In order to be good at something you must practice, practice, practice. It works the same in preparing for a challenge or tragedy to come your way. By doing that you are building internal reserves of courage and strength that you can draw on in a time of need.

External reserves – As it is important to be prepared on the inside, it is just as important to be prepared on the outside. Surround yourself with family and friends that are supportive, so that if you run out of the internal reserves they are there to lend you some of theirs. People who love you will encourage you and help you overcome adversity.

Learn from others – We have all heard stories of amazing people, people who have overcome amazingly horrible odds. They took whatever life threw at them, “by the horns” and overcame it instead of letting it destroy them.

Imagine for a moment not being able to see anything. That all by itself could cripple a person and make them not want to fight, but if you have built up your resources and are willing to fight you can overcome being blind.

Overcoming adversity for anyone is not easy, but if you use the self improvement tips given in this article you have some tools you can use to fight with to overcome anything that comes your way. Just remember you are not perfect and you will forget that you have these tools available to you, but don’t fret, take a deep breath, re-group, and go show yourself you can overcome adversity.

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