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Top 4 Self Improvement Books

Self improvement is important for everybody. However, improving on something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should hire an expert therapist.

You can make self improvement even by yourself by taking books. But remember that not all books can be of great help for self improvement.

This is why you should consider these top 4 self improvement books.

1. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

This is an effective book for self improvement. It has been referred to a lot of people to be on their quest for improvement.

But what makes this book unique is that it is old school. There are a lot of authors who have books with sophisticated methods and process for self improvement. However, this book is not the same beasue it helps you organize and manage your thoughts for success.

2. The power of your spoken word by Louise L. Hay

This is one of the top 4 self improvement books. It enables people to talk to themselves, helping them understand how words can actually change their life.

This book has already helped thousands of people to initiate improvement on their lives. It doesn’t bring any superficial ideals. Instead, it teaches people to relate with their human nature.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff by Richard Carlson

Many people have voted this among the top 4 self improvement books. This book is just offers simple yet effective method for self improvement. It helps you get rid of petty things in your way.

Time is precious and that is what this book is all about. It will teach you how to spend your time wisely. There are a lot of people who often dwell on something for hours without getting any rewards. This is something that has to be changed. By reading this book, you’ll know how to get better with your most precious time.

4. The purpose driven life by Rick Warren

This is among the top 4 self improvement books because it sold millions of copies around the world. In fact, New York Times said that it is one of the bestselling books in the history. Rick warren is a pastor who aims to help people change their lives through a Spiritual journey.

With his book, the purpose driven life, you’ll know how to be in a spiritual journey and know your purpose for living. Many people are still searching for a reason why they are here on this earth and this book has all the answers.

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