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Trusting Your Inner Guidance

We have all had times in our lives when we just feel lost. We are unsure about what direction to take and we are unsure about where to find the answer.

In times like this we may turn to family or friends, but sometimes what we really need to do in turn inward.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that if you learn to trust your inner self you will always find the answers you are seeking.

What is a bit tricky though is that your inner advisor is not going to speak up unless you ask. You see he/she is not pushy, but waits to be asked for advice. But if you are willing to open your mind and your heart to your inner self you will notice that your life will begin to change for the positive.

But how do you do that? How do you open your mind and your heart? Use this article to help guide you, to teach you how to trust your inner guidance.

Need a quiet place – I have a really hard time focusing and thinking when I am in the middle of a noisy room. The same applies to trying to tap into your inner self. You need a quiet place with little noise, and no distractions. It will also help if the surroundings you are in are also peaceful, maybe bring in some scented candles, or play some music that is relaxing to you.

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Look to your inner self – Close your eyes and relax. If you know how to meditate this is a great tool to use. Your only goal here is to clear your mind, so if you do not meditate this may take a little practice.

Listen – Once you have cleared your mind and allowed yourself to fully relax this would be the time to focus on whatever situation you are struggling with. It is important when you are focusing on your problem not to try to come up with an answer, but to ask for the answer, “What is the best way for me to handle this?”

Let it come – You have to allow the answer to come to you and it may not come right away. But if you stay open to being given the answer it will not take long for it to come. Once you have been given an answer, notice how you feel, does the answer come with a yes this feels right? If it does then you have your answer.

Have confidence – Once you know what must be done, act with confidence. Try not to let your fears hold you back. Believe in your inner guidance. And once you have trusted your inner guidance a few times, you will see that it will always give you the answers you seek.

And know that there are no truly right or wrong answers, just answers that will take you on different paths in life. Trust that your inner self will take you on the path that will be the best for you at this time.

Your inner self is there to help you make better decisions and put you on the path you are meant to take, trust your inner guidance and you will be happier and more at peace with your life.

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