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Universal Laws for Career Success

Are you stuck in a job that you don’t like? Or would you like to move up with the company you are working for now? The personal growth tips listed below can put you on the right path to career success.

The Law of Passion – When talking about career success the most successful people are ones that are passionate about what they do.

If you hate your job you certainly can’t enjoy it and why on earth would you want to get better at it and continue to grow?

I can answer that, you don’t and thus you can’t be successful. So do something in your career that you are passionate about and that you will want to get up and go do every day.

The Law of Love What You Do – While we all wish we could do a job we love, you may not be there yet. But you can’t just quit and until you can move up into a job you love, you need to find a way to love what you are doing.

And the best way to do that is to find something about your job you do like. For example, maybe you are paid very well, or you get 3 weeks of vacation, or maybe it is getting you the experience you need for the job you really want.

The Law of Leaving Your Mark – One method of learning to love what you are currently doing is to own it as your own. Leave your mark by putting your own twist on a project or implementing a system that you create.

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The Law of Learning – Unfortunately most people do not retire from the same company they begin their career with. So, in order to protect yourself learn as much as you can while you are in the job you have now. Take that knowledge with you to your next job whether it is with the same company or with a new company.

The Law of Initiative – It doesn’t matter what job you do or where you are on the ladder of success, if you take the initiative and do whatever needs doing, the people above you will notice.

The Law of Leadership – Doesn’t matter if you are an employee or the boss, you are the leader to someone, set a good example. They will follow your lead.

The Law of Self-Employment – Even if you work for someone else, technically you are self-employed because your goal is to improve yourself and your family.

The Law of Your Most Important Job – Keep in mind that even if you don’t love your job at the moment it isn’t the most important job you have. The most important job you have is the one at home, your family. You need to apply the same philosophies at home as you do at your job.

As you can see there are many ways you can find career success. If you even utilize even just half of the ones listed above you will see more opportunities to grow either within the job you have now or ways to grow into the next level up.

secret of deliberate creation

the secret of deliberate creation