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Visualization a Key to Achieving Your Goals

Believe it or not you use visualization all the time. If you are hungry you might picture what foods you feel like eating at that moment.

If you are trying to get somewhere you might picture in your mind how to get there. So if you already use it, why not use it to help you achieve your goals?

All sorts of people use visualization to help them achieve their goals: athletes visualize themselves winning the race, business people use it to prepare for the “big meeting”, and you can use it to achieve your goals as well.

Let’s start with how it works. Visualization works because you picture yourself completing your task or goal perfectly and by doing that you create neural patterns in your mind, just as if you physically completed the task. The image stimulates the nervous system in the same way as the actual event does.

Think about it for a moment, if you were preparing for a play you would rehearse the lines over and over again, you would also go to the stage you are going to perform on and practice there too. Now it is the night before and you can’t go practice any more, but you can visualize every move you will make, creating even more patterns, getting you even more prepared for the next day.

You don’t need to visualize everything in life, but there are four areas where it is most helpful.

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To gain success – Imagine preforming skills at a very high level, reaching your goals, and living the kind of life you want to be living.

Motivation – Visualize yourself achieving your goals, visualize every detail, to remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve, keeping in mind what you need to do to accomplish that.

Get familiar – Use mental imagery to familiarize yourself with the room or stage before a meeting or an event.

Practice run – By doing a practice run in your mind you can focus on anything else that you might need to be aware of, or make some last minute adjustments to your plan. It also helps get rid of the pre-game or pre-play jitters allowing you to focus on the task at hand and not worry that you aren’t fully prepared or that you didn’t do everything you could to be ready.

Visualization is a great tool for getting ready for so many different things in life. By using visualization you will definitely have higher levels of success and for achieving your goals.

Many challenges will come your way, but if you use visualization it can be the key to achieving your goals. All you need to do is close your eyes in a quiet place and think about what you are trying to achieve, take several deep breaths, picture the object or goal in your mind with as much detail as you can, add how you will feel when you accomplish your goal, practice visualizing it often, maintain a positive attitude and never give up on your goals because they are important!

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