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Weight Loss Affirmations: Simple, Straight, Effective

Affirmations are short, positive statements about something that you would like to manifest or attract. Affirmations are powerful tools for weight loss.

The basic belief is that if you believe positive things will come into your life then that is what will come, but if you hang on to the negative, desire the negative, then that is exactly what you will get.

Let’s apply this to weight loss. Chronic dieters and folks you are struggling with weight can be very negative. I mean who wouldn’t be when you are starving or not losing weight.

Dieting is basically setting you up to fail since its focus is very negative. You are being deprived of food, which makes you cranky, which lets all those negative thoughts creep in. Weight loss does not have to be so painful and negative.

Affirmations are a form of self-talk designed to take out your negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. With practice you will be able to turn all those negative thoughts into positive, creative, powerful ones.

Repeated often enough weight loss affirmations can shift your reality. The problem most people have it that they either choose affirmations that are unrealistic or they do not stick with the affirmations long enough to reprogram the mind. They just quit too quickly.

When using an affirmation it is extremely important that you chose one that is both realistic and achievable. If you weigh 225 pounds and you start to use an affirmation that says, “I now weigh 125 pounds,” it will feel like a lie to you. It is just not realistic at the moment.

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A more realistic one would be, “I am getting thinner every day!” By choosing one you can gauge on the short term the more likely you are to find success. Always break down your goals into smaller more attainable ones, so you can build on that positive energy you will create by achieving your goals quickly.

Once you have begun using your weight loss affirmations you may notice some resistance coming up in the first few days. This is completely normal. This is the time when a lot of people quit. This is when your negative thoughts try to take over. They have been running the show a long time and you have to double your efforts.

Use one of the following affirmations to help keep you on track:

Yes, I can!

I can do this!

The power to change is mine to use!

Repeat these 100-200 times a day until you feel the resistance weakening. Keep in mind your weight has been “serving” you in some way. Along with doing affirmations you need to find a positive, healthier way to serve you now.

You can also use weight loss affirmations to help you stay focused in even the most tempting situations. If you go to a party or to a restaurant use one of the following to help keep you on the right path.

I am committed to my goals.

I eat only what I need.

I will choose foods that will support my weight loss efforts.

Affirmations take work and consistency, but if you stick with it you will turn your negative thoughts into positive ones and stay on the path of losing the weight you want to lose.

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