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Where to Get the Best Self Help Books

If you Google the words “self help books” you will get thousands of hits. If you go to the book store and ask the person at the store to show you the self help section, again you will find tons of books.

And you will get the same results at the library,, etc….

So where should you go to get the best self help books?

Having asked that question, the only way to answer it is to answer a different question first. And that question is what exactly do you need help with? That may sound like an obvious step, but it is an important one.

Just because your neighbor tells you about this awesome self help book doesn’t mean it will help you. Her book may be about suffering from low self-esteem and you may need a book about organizing your time better. So really think about what you need help with and focus on that when you are looking for a book.

Once you have narrowed it down and you know what kind of book you need, utilize the tools that are out there. Go find it on the internet. Use Google to search some of the keywords and phrases that will best describe your specific topic. Make sure you add book to the end, so you don’t articles.

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Now even with your topic narrowed down you are still going to get a ton of hits off your keywords. So, jot a few of the titles down and then go look them up. And what is really nice about the internet is that they usually have self help product reviews available on most books. So go read a few on the titles you selected.

What is even better is that a lot of websites are adding new feature where you can read excerpts from the book. You should be able to look at the front cover and read the summary on the back cover and many will have selected pages from the books itself that you can read.

Another tool is going to the library or your local book store. If you are anything like me, I like to get my hands on a book. So, go into the library or book store and ask someone to help you find the type of book you are looking for they can usually point you in the right direction.

Once you are there you can look at and read part of the book. And don’t just read the flaps or the back cover. Open it up and read the beginning of the first chapter. If you start reading and find yourself saying yeah that is me, or you find you want to keep reading then that book is probably a great choice.

Will all the self help books out there it is really hard to know where to get the best ones. But I can tell you between, the internet, the library and going to a book store you will definitely be able to find the best self help book for you.

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