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Why Failure is Really a Success?

Let’s lay it out on the table, failure sucks. It really does. It is not fun, it means something went very wrong, and sometimes it means you have to start all over again.

However, if you set those negative feelings aside and look at the big picture, you will see that failure is really a success.

Failure allows you to learn and grow as a person and that is what life is all about. Try to consider failure to be the stepping-stone to your future success.

My son plays basketball and his team had won several games in row, and then it happened they got beat, pretty badly (according to my 8 year old). The whole team had a hard time with the loss since they had been winning pretty handedly. Then at the next game they won and you could see how much more the win meant to them after losing the last one.

Failure teaches us to understand that we aren’t perfect, that we can never be perfect, that it is OK and to really appreciate it when we to succeed, because that means we worked hard to get there and earned it. And something earned is always more satisfying than something given.

Another great lesson failure teaches us is how to deal with failure. When my other son was 4 years old, he lost a card game, so he threw the cards all over the place and cried for a few minutes stomping around.


If the first time you ever have to deal with failure is as an adult, in a public place, you would look mighty silly having a tantrum because you didn’t get the day off. Failing early on teaches you how to handle it more appropriately down the road.

Failure can also inspire a person. Sorry to come back to my sons but my little guy plays hockey and he could not stand up in his gear, he would stand up and fall, get up skate 2 feet and fall again. After a couple weeks like that he was done, but he didn’t quit, he practiced harder and now he passes up 80% of the other kids.

Another important lesson failure shares with us is humility. It reminds us that we are not perfect and that will make us more aware of how someone else who fails feels. It happens to all of us and if a friend or family member fails we can empathize with them and try to cheer them up.

And the last and probably most important lesson we get from failure is a learning one. If you are open to it, failing will teach you something every time. Think about the first time you tried to bake your mother’s cookies or drive a car.

You probably weren’t successful the first time or maybe even the second time, but you learned and eventually you learned enough to be successful. Then going back to what I mentioned earlier, it was that much sweeter wasn’t it?!

Failure is really the beginning of finding success, so go out and fail so you can succeed.

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