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Why People Fail?

We all do it, no one is immune, and no one can escape it, and what is it that I am talking about? I am talking about failing.

We all fail at some point in our lives. Everyone, yes even Bill Gates, has failed at some point in their lives! And some people fail, get back up and go on their merry way and find success.

However some people fail and quit and never go back. The question then is why do people fail?

And I will tell you the answers to that question are very interesting to me, let me explain what I mean in the following self improvement article.

There used to be a time when people truly believed that if they worked hard enough, they would succeed. What is so sad is that most people today do not feel the same way. How do you stay motivated when you feel like there will be no end and you have no shot of succeeding?

What people don’t realize is that they can, each of us has so much potential and unique gifts to offer the world. We may just have to work a little harder and get a little more creative. But everyone has the ability to succeed.

This next reason is that folks underestimate what is actually necessary to complete what they want. Someone starting a new business runs out of money because they don’t account for obstacles, time and money that is necessary to maintain the company until it starts making money.

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People also run low on motivation. Big goals take not only a long time, but require long term motivation. It is just like a shiny new toy, when you first get it you love it, play with it all the time, and you never want to put it down.

However, as time passes you play with it less and eventually it gets left in the toy box replaced by a new toy. This analogy applies to projects as well. When we first begin a project we are super excited and extremely motivated, but as we go along, it gets harder and harder to stay excited and motivated, until many people give up and quit, thus failing.

The last reason I am going to cover is a lack of self-confidence. What people fail to understand is that confidence comes from consistent training, practice, education and more practice.

By doing those things you have the knowledge which gives you the confidence to trust that knowledge and become successful. Successful people are successful because they continue to learn, practice, drill, rehearse, and get feedback.

People fail for all sorts of reasons, but the ones covered in this article are the main factors: when you feel you have no chance of succeeding, you are going to fail, if you do not properly estimate what it will take to get where you want to go, you are going to fail, if you run out of steam and lack the proper motivation, you are going to fail, and if you are not confident in your abilities to accomplish the goal you are after, you will fail.

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